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Expanding on the Artillery, Increases Range, Explosion Radius and much more!

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Artillery Enhancement and Expansion Mod
Try out the new Enemy Spawner that comes with my Robots Mod and create some mass destruction!

Update: Just Added an All new Form of Artillery!! Enjoy!!*NEW*
[What does it do?, Well simply when using the artillery, it will rain down reinforcements, not explosions, So for instance if you choose the BOS File, it will summon down BoS reinforcements, that will patrol the immediate area, until they are killed, and this is the same for other faction artillery as well]
Update 5.2: Flare Guns Magazine capacity increased to 5, and Weight reduced to 0

Update 5: Added Multiple Versions of Artillery Flare gun, with Different fuse timers so that users can pick there preference
Update 4: Added Artillery Flare Gun[New Weapon] to All Files to allow for better range
Update 4: Added Spawn Chest for Artillery Flare Gun / Ammo in the Castle Armory, You will notice a new chest on the table that has scrap parts
Update 3: Added Big Boy Nuclear Strike to the List
Update 2: Added Cryo / Plasma Artillery to the list
Update 1: Added Nuclear Artillery to the list

Available Versions: Artillery // Nuclear // Cryo // Plasma
(For Increased Realism, I advice using the "Double range" as that gives artillery the range it would have in the modern world today)
(Feel free to  check out my newest mod Robot Guardians)
bigboy.esp - Artillery can strike the entire map, and when it does expect MASSIVE nuclear explosions only 1 option available with this version!! *********

**super.esp - Artillery can strike entire map *
**superexp.esp - Artillery can strike entire map, Double Explosion Radius ***
**instantsuper.esp - Artillery can strike entire map, Instant fire **
**QuickFire.esp - Artillery can strike entire map, Instant Reload, Double Explosion Radius

**dbl.esp - Doubles Artillery Range *
**dblexp.esp - Doubles Artillery Range / Explosions ***
**instantdbl.esp - Doubles Artillery Range / Instant Fire **
**instantdblexp.esp - Doubles Artillery Range / Explosions / Instant Fire ***

** =  Just means Artillery/Nuclear/Cryo/Plasma depending on which version you downloaded
*** = Increases lag potentially "Slower PCs"
** = May Increase Lag
"Slower PCs"
* = Little to no lag from mod "Slower PCs"

[X]More distance for artillery strike call-in, Most likely I will make it a flare you shoot out instead of a smoke grenade
[  ]Better Sound Effects for missiles, and explosions
[  ]Penetrating Explosions

(Thanks to warheadz for the idea of nuclear artillery)
(Thanks to baubaum for the idea of changing flare to missile)
(Check out Better Explosives if you want to tweak your other explosions, Make sure my mod is loaded after this though)