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A small patch to change nameless 7.62 Rounds from Nuka World to Modern Firearms' 7.62x39 Soviet Rounds

Permissions and credits
This requires Modern Firearms. Download and support them here. It's confirmed to work with 2.6.5 but ultimately should work with any version where 7.62x39 Soviet is present.
This functionally* replaces the Nuka World 7.62 ammo, so obviously you need Nuka World as well.

**This does not completely replace Nuka World's 7.62 ammo. Mods that use it will continue to use it.** 

This mod makes a very small change to the ammunition used by the HandMade Rifle from Nuka World, changing it to MF's 7.62x39 Soviet Round. It also alters the Leveled List so you get 7.62 ammo you can actually use with your MF weapons. 
Using the mod's installer, it is also possible to change the ammo type of the weapons added by the Service Rifle Redux mod and the RU556 Armory Project mod. Make sure to check both of them out.

Credits and Thanks:
Thanks to the devs of MF for making their mod, and for help on the small edits needed. The relative amount of work I've done is nonexistent. 
Credit to all respective mod authors, this mod does nothing to change or add to the physical weapons themselves. All this does is change the ammo type they use.

Any issues or bugs in regards to the ammo being replaced can be pointed out to me here or the MF discord. Again, the ammo does not change the characteristics of the Handmade Rifle or any other weapon that uses the 7.62x39 Rounds, it just makes it more convenient for MF users.