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Adds flashbang and concussion grenades to the game.

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This mod adds flashbangs and concussion grenades to the game w/ custom explosion sounds. Also adds them to the NPC leveled lists and vendors in the game world through scripts.
About 1 out of every 5 Gunner/Raider/Supermutant may carry a flashbang grenade. If you want to use them to their full potential, you can craft them at any chemistry station.

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Flashbang Grenade
1 damage
- Stuns a humanoid, supermutant or creature for 5 seconds. Robots are immune (i.e Nick Valentine will be stunned, whereas Codsworth won't.)
- Not effective on enemies wearing Power Armor
* The blast radius is smaller than a regular grenade, so you need to be quite precise with your throw.

Crafting requirements:
Demolition Expert rank 2
Science! rank 1
2 Acid
3 Aluminum
2 Adhesive
2 Spring
2 Fertilizer

Concussion Grenade
50 energy damage
- Stuns a humanoid, supermutant or creature for 10 seconds
- Enemies wearing Power Armor will also be stunned
- Slightly wider blast radius than the Flashbang

Crafting requirements:
Demolition Expert rank 2
Science! rank 2
3 Acid
4 Aluminum
3 Adhesive
2 Spring
3 Steel
2 Fertilizer

Yes, it uses the Fury and Persuasion grenade for the models, but it does not require the Nuka-World DLC.