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Replaces/ Adds tacti-cool armors to the Raider faction using 4 existing mods on the Nexus (Opt for More). All of the main and optional files are lite plugins if you aren't sold yet.

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INSURGE is a series of mod I'm creating which replaces vanilla factions into modern-tactical shooter factions, all created exclusively with FO4Edit. If you want antoher faction for me to work with, let me know.


This mod is definetly not lore friendly, as it's practically a faction replacer for the Raiders -> PMC. If you like aspects of the mod, I highly recommend to chose the mixed option in the installer. And if not, this mod is probably not for you, so don't go telling me it doesn't "fit the Raider style" or that it violates their "scavenger and scummy nature", because I know, it's supposed to :]


Replaces or Adds unique outfits to all Raiders using the following mods:

- AR500 Vests

- Private Military Company

- Renegade Soldier Outfit

- SWAT Officer Armor

and Optionally:

- Military Berets

- M38 Gas Mask

- Bio Hazard Suit


Fully dynamic. Raider armor will change depending on the Level of the character, dynamically adding better vests, fatigues, and variation to headgear.

Over 25+ different variations for common Raiders, adding more variations through leveling up.

All main/addon files are loadorder friendly. They are esps marked as light plugins, so they wont take a slot in your gargantuan load orders.

Many addons/ customizable features in the FOMOD installer. Some include:

- A special variation of armor set for the Boss Raider NPCs

- A Name changer to make the immersion that much better

- A voice changer (heavily WIP) to make them sound better in their new armors.

Installation goes as follows:

Download and install AR500 Vests, then Endorse.

Downlaod and install Private Military Company, then Endorse. Optionally install the Glowmaps file.

Download and install the Renegade Soldier outfit, then Endorse.

Download and install the SWAT Officer armor, then endorse.

Do the same thing for the M38 Gas Mask , Sayaheca's Berets, as well as the Biohazard Suit if you want the extra plugins for more Raiders and Bosses.

Credits for the Mods:

- EvTital, the tactical armor master. Also made a sick RE Gunner replacer on GUNetwork, which I highly recommend to check out.

-ghostfc3s for his sweet plate carriers

- MyCart for being epic and making innovative new outfits

- Spiffy, for his one armor mod.

- Cerutti, yet again for his awesome settlement objects in the screenshots.
Also huge thanks to Wenderer, the creator of the FOMOD Creation Tool, without them I would never have known where to start with mod installers.

Highly Recommended Mods:

Modern Weapon Replacers by cyanide4suicide, replaces the misfit Pipe weapons commonly used by Raiders and gives you a choice of other modern weaponry like the Sig Saur MPX or TEC-9

Pretty much all of Toounx mods, especially her newly released Quick Modification Weapon mod. 

Have a good one and stay safe everyone!

- Blot