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This tweaks the movement of the player and power armor to be more realistic.
You are now slightly slower, 2handed is slower than 1handed. Backwards and sideways movement are slightly slower than forward.
Everything balanced to not be too slow either.
Power armor are more consistent in speed.
(Includes the fps stutter sprint fix

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Now also included in my 
Complimentary Gameplay Enhancements mod, give it a look!

This is what I feel is the most realistic, fun and immersive way to tweak the movement speeds.

Your character now actually feels like he/she has some weight behind his/her movement, like in recent 2020 games.

You are now running around 10-15% slower than vanilla. You are walking 10-20% faster though.
One-handed weapons slow you less than two-handed weapons. Backward speed is reduced, sideways is slightly reduced.
Power armor does not become much slower when unholstering any weapon, since it is a powerful machine.

Includes no NPC movements edits, since that is now known to cause fps drops and quest bugs.
Includes the sprint stutter fix, so sprint is max 470.

Give it a try. Safe to install/uninstall mid-playthrough.