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Reshapes the landscape around Bunker Hill to level terrain, remove terrain over roads and generally clean up the area.

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Bunker Hill Landscape Improvements
by NovaCoru

Much like my similar mod for Hangman's Alley, I got sick of the permanent trash decals and mounds in the roads surrounding Bunker Hill, and took to the CK to do something about it.  I've leveled all the terrain on the main square road surrounding the settlement, making it far more functional then before.  I've also replaced the trash and debris decals with grass, dirt, or gravel to give it a more natural look.  This mod doesn't delete any of the trash or leaves around Bunker Hill, but it does disable a few bits of house rubble in the main road, and a little more on the road leading up to the main gate, due to the fact that the debris was floating due to the landscape changes.

Technically there are no requirements to use this mod, however it is designed for use with Build High - Expanded Settlements.  You can install it without using Build High or even using a different settlement expansion mod and it should still work, however.  

Use a mod manager like Mod Organizer 2 or Vortex to download, and install from there. Alternatively, manually download the file and place it in your Fallout 4/Data directory, then enable it using your mod manager of choice.  The plugin is an ESL marked ESP file, so it shouldn't count against your load order. The file has also been manually cleaned using FO4Edit.

Known Issues
-Precombines.  I've tried repeatedly to get the precombines/previs files working but I can't seem to get them to work without rendering the entire area invisible.  I'll post an update with precombines once I figure it out.
- Some of the area may seem a bit lumpy.  I tried to even it out the best I can but the leveling tools don't seem to work in my favor all the time. If there's anywhere that's especially egregious, let me know.

Recommend Mods
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Boston Natural Surroundings - For the green terrain shown in the pictures
Homemaker - Expanded Settlements - Shameless plug

ElminsterAU and the xEdit Team for FO4Edit
Themon for Build High
shadowslasher410 and VIitS for Scrap Everything
Bethesda, for Fallout 4 and the Creation Kit