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This mod adds in two new T-45 power armour paint jobs. These paint jobs are pre-war, so later versions on more advanced power armour do not exist. This mod also includes a set of Canadian Military Fatigues - pre-war of course. There is a short backstory about why these paint jobs were developed and what Canadian Secessionists had planned.

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This mod adds a new Covert Bunker to discover somewhere in the Commonwealth. 
Inside, you will find two new T-45 paint jobs, various supplies, and a set of Canadian Military Fatigues. 
There is a short backstory included with the paint jobs and fatigues.

      (from https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/Canada)

"The process of annexing Canada began in 2059, as the Anchorage Front Line was established in Alaska to protect its natural resources, especially the crude oil fields, from the People's Republic of China. As parts of the Alaskan pipeline cross Canadian territory, the U.S. government pressured the Canadian authorities into allowing American military units to station near the pipeline and provide security.

The process of annexation began when the Canadian government caved in and granted permission in 2067, after the Chinese invasion of Alaska in 2066. The United States military did not limit its activities in Canada to just guarding the pipeline. Despite Canadian protests, the country's resources were exploited and stretched to the breaking point to support the American war effort. By 2069, Canada became Little America in the minds of U.S. citizens, with vast stretches of timberland destroyed beyond recovery.

The tipping point came in 2072. As the U.S. escalated its exploitation of Canada's resources, her people took to the streets. Protests and riots erupted in several Canadian cities. When an attempt to sabotage the Alaskan pipeline was foiled, the U.S. military officials announced the annexation of Canada on June 3, 2072.  In a statement to the press, General Buzz Babcock, commander of U.S. forces in Canada, cited security concerns as the primary reason for the annexation. He also derisively stated that "Little America" was always the property of the United States.


By 2076, the annexation was complete and Canada ceased to exist as a state. The provinces occupied by the American military became U.S. territories, remaining under its political and military control, but not a state or commonwealth in their own right. 

As the Alaskan pipeline swarmed with American military units, security detachments equipped with cutting edge technology brutally clamped down on the Canadian population and the resistance movements, formed out of Canada's armed forces (complete with armored vehicles and modern combat armor).  Open warfare between the opposing armies was a fact, with the Yukon becoming one of the many fronts in the Resource Wars.

Protesters, rioters and resistance members alike were shot on sight, sometimes even executed on camera. When pictures of the atrocities committed in the name of the United States made it over the border, they sparked unrest and protests from the American public. Even among the military, the annexation was met with mixed reactions. For some, the criminality of the takeover was sickening. 

However, life went on and the powers that be ignored the outcry, with propaganda portraying the annexation as "liberation."  One corporation in particular sought to bank on the annexation: Vault-Tec began advertising vaults as available in newly-annexed Canada."

Rise of the Secessionists

Unrest in an annexed Canada continued in secret, however. Small pockets of resistance infiltrated and spread throughout the United States. Although organized under a central command, each secessionist cell operated independently to maintain absolute secrecy of their goals. These groups were poised to make numerous strikes against their aggressors just before the bombs fell. History will never know if their actions would have led to the United States withdrawing from Canada or not ... Their rallying cry only lives on in the holotapes, dossiers, and rusting armour they left behind:


You have my permission to use any of the assets or ideas in this mod, but please give me credit where it is due and provide a link back to this mod.
Perhaps someone with more time/skill than I possess can implement these paint jobs for other types of power armour.

NOTE: I originally only made these paint jobs for the T-45 because that's all the Canadians would have been able to "acquire" at the time (before the war).