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A complete overhaul of the M60 LMG mod, featuring more fleshed-out attachments. 

Main Changes:

A complete overhaul of the M60 LMG mod by Davis and company, this expands the machinegun capabilities for a bit.

1.) Five different ammo types. Live your fantasies like Rambo with the Rifle Receiver, or Artyom with the Shotgun Receiver.

 > 5mm Rifle Receiver - Uses 5mm Round, deals 16 damage, +40% fire rate.
 > 5.56mm Rifle Receiver - Uses 5.56mm Round, deals 33 damage, +25% fire rate.
 > 308 Rifle Receiver - Uses 308-Round, deals 40 damage.
 > 3006 Rifle Receiver - Uses 5.56mm Round, deals 54 damage, +15% range, -25% fire rate. (PWO only)
 > Shotgun Receiver - Uses Shotgun Shells, deals 65 damage, +50% damage at close range, -50% fire rate and range.

2.) Fleshed out Receivers

 > Individual Damage Receivers adds 25% damage/level
 > Frames add/reduce damage by 25%, increase or decrease handling, and increase or reduce bash damage.
 > Trigger system provides standard, Calibrated, Armor Piercing, and Rapid Automatic.

3.) Miscellaneous Changes: 

 > Added Magazine Variants
 > Only 2 barrels, the long-barrel has longer range, other, short-barrel has higher rate-of-fire.
 > Unlocked Front-Sights and Handguard modifications
 > Added Flashlights
 > Added Glow Sights, Reflex Sight and Green-Dot Sight


 - I'm not a modeller, I work with what I have. There are some things modified and clips, likewise does not make any sense. They aren't that noticeable if you don't look too much into it.

 > Sean_S - Flashlight assets
 > Davis & Co - M60

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