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A Unique weapon I created, it has unique legendary effects.

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A Unique weapon I created, it has unique legendary effects.

Requires Nuka World DLC as it uses meshes from Handmade rifle.

Weapon Name:
Soul Eater

Legendary Effect Name:

Legendary Effects:
5% Critical Chance.
5% chance of temporarily recovering from hunger, thirst or tiredness.
Recovers 1% (of the target's total HP) for each hit and can heal limbs.
Removes 1% (of the target's total HP) Radiation from the user and returns it to the target.
The more Radiation or Fatigue the user has, the more additional damage is dealt.
Increased damage after each consecutive hit on the same target.
Targets bleed and are consumed in fire, dealing 60 points of additional damage.
Ignores the target's damage and energy resistance.

Just put the esp/ba2 file inside your data folder and enable in the Plugins file, also has a translation for both English and Brazilian Portuguese.

Where to find:
You can find the weapon in Sanctuary (Rosa House) and also can create in Chem station.