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Uses feline ammo to obliterate your foes in various ways.

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Tired of firing the same old junk from your junk jet? Want something that embeds cats 8 inches into any surface? Are you lonely without the company of a plethora of levitating cats?

Look no further! We have the answer to all these quandaries!

Introducing the Jacetech(tm) high velocity fiery feline projection unit.

Never leave a wall or surface uncatted ever again with this state of the art "not even slightly not buggy" and "glitches free" add-on that will in no way crash your game, or leave floating mid air cats everywhere.  Probably.

Console commands:
Add the cat cannon, tabby cat ammo and all the workbench modifications for it (recommended method):
bat meow

If the batch file does not work, these are the manual console commands

Add the "Cat Cannon":
player.additem e942b 1    
Add 1000 weightless tabby cat rounds:
player.additem 1f905 1000 

These two codes add the obliteration and inferno weapon parts to your inventory.
player.additem 1362c3 1
player.additem 1362c4 1

There are two modifications included - One shoots flaming cats - The other shoots a cat and a massive missile at the same time - get them from the workbench.

1. To remove the cats, take off the mod with mod manager and reload, they will revert back into desk fans. Be sure to remove cats from inventory before doing this. Just drop them, they will float mid air. 

2. There is a slight lag on the shots sometimes - which is to be expected really.

3. Amazingly ridiculous things are almost guaranteed to happen if you try to fight with this weapon.

4. No cat bones were broken in the making of this weapon, as they don't have skeletons. Or proper physics. Or owners. Or souls.

5. Add the obliteration module at the weapons bench. Make sure to aim upwards.

6. If you disable the mod, be sure to throw away all your tabby cat rounds first - else they will still be in your inventory and be invisible.

Enjoy as part of a perfectly fair balanced weapon set. I hope some people get a good laugh from this :)

Its is my wish that other people will see this mod and then edit it to make something better. If you do please link back to my mod when you upload and let me know, I will put a link here to yours!

P.S. if you have trouble with the batch file - here is the code for it, just save it as a .txt file and put it in your fallout directory.
player.additem 1f905 1000
player.additem E942B 1
player.additem 1362c3 1
player.additem 1362c4 1
player.additem 1362c5 1
player.additem 188a04 1
player.additem 1a8a83 1
player.additem 1a8a84 1
player.additem 1a8a85 1

Try my impact blaster shotgun mod here.

Special thanks to Markus,  Mike and Maverlyn for playtesting the mod!