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Adds a silencer and bull barrel ( this one improves range and accuracy) to the Western Revolver.
Dmg is not modified at all, for now ,in the screenshot that revolver is fully decked out ..and I have almost all dmg perks maxed, legendary variants are still almost impossible to get, without other mods.

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The Western Revolver with Bull Barrel and Suppressor

Wanna use a handgun at high level and not feel like ur gimping urself too much? Well, this could be your answer!
Its inspired by the 
.44 Silencer mod, since I never play without it and there is nothing that does this for the Western Revolver, I decided to make one in the same way, I prolly have to work on the leveled list integration a bit more but it's fully functional as is, uses assets from the game itself and its at least more immersive than a COD weapon, heh no offence to pple who like that game. I play it too..just don't wanna do it in fallout.

Future plans:

Add a new receiver and ammo type with slightly reduced damage since revolvers require it for suppressors to work in real life.
Release a version for the .44 to make it work the same way when suppressed.
Make a different model for the suppressor.