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Adds 5 new units which can be called in as reinforcements, either as flying turrets for your settlements or in the battlefield for Close Air Support (CAS)

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The MQ-8 is a scout / fire support drone, saw some at work and got the idea for this mod.
Adds new drone relay grenades, craftable at the chem bench under [GRENADES]. Each tier of a grenade will spawn an additional drone, ie T1 Grenades will spawn one Scout, T5 will spawn all 5 drone types.

Made mostly for clearing things like ghouls and animals, similar to real drones, theyre small light and fast but not all that durable. I play with mods that add too many ghouls / swarms / etc and others that reduce ammo, fun combo but this helps bridge the gap a bit.
Workshop versions included! Basically flying turrets tethered to your settlements! Under the Special Tab!

MQ-8 Scout - Standard drone. Moderate speed, damage, armor, etc. Highly accurate and reliable.

MQ-8C Fire Scout - Minor improvements to armor and carries incendiary rounds. Heavier ammo and armor reduce its overall speed.

AQ-9J Raven - Armor and traditional ammunition given up in exchange for speed and a smaller frame. Fastest and shortest lived unit, shoots modified ultra low temp rounds that detonate after a few seconds, freezing anything they pierce.

AQ-9R Salamander - Modified drone equipped with a long range flamethrower, size slightly increase to accomodate extra fuel and weapons system. Well armored but slow.

XQ-7 Kingfisher - Refined product of years of field tests, extremely slow due to the stronger but heavier metal plating, it is the ultimate long range powerhouse for cleaning up weakened enemies. Increased size to accomodate for HE concussion rounds, while not the most damaging they easily cripple and knock enemies off their feet.

Known issue: When destroyed, a small amount of large debris will appear for ~5 seconds, I was able to remove most of the normal debris but some of it is actually attached to the explosion itself (or I just didnt know where else to look) and wouldve taken way too long to remove it all.