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TheFriedturkey and HcG x Grill

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A brand new replacer for the pipboy, to look more like the Fallout 3/NV Pip-Boy 3000A.

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Capital Wasteland - Pip-Boy 3000A

This is a brand new Pip-Boy replacer for Fallout 4 bringing back the old Fallout 3 design of the Pip-Boy 3000A! This was made by TheFriedturkey and HcG x Grill and is a scratch recreation of the Pip-Boy found in Fallout 3 but redesigned to work with 4, it comes fit with skins and new animations removing the right arm, though not to everyones taste but some may like it. The Pip-Boy itself is all animated in terms of dials and buttons, which have been animated by HcG x Grill. The Pip-Boy glove is not included with this mod due to the mass incompatibility it would cause but it will be present in the Capital Wasteland mod.

- Brand New scratch made Pip-Boy model
- Custom animations, removing the other arm
- Fully animated Pip-boy knobs and buttons
- 7 new skins

Known Issues
- Holotapes dont have a animation for loading into the pipboy.
- Pip-Boy scroll wheel can appear low res on some skins, due to bad UVs on Turkeys part :pain:.

Capital Wasteland Website

TheFriedturkey - The Pip-Boy Model and textures and Skins
HcG x Grill - Animating, Implementing and Skins (Quantum, Green, Blue)


TheFriedTurkey Tools used:
 - 3ds max 2013, with Bethesda official exporter
 - Substance Painter
 - Zbrush
 - Creation Kit

HcGxGrill Tools used:
 - Creation Kit
 - 3ds max 2013, with Bethesda official exporter
 - Substance Painter