Fallout 4
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About this mod

Texture replacers for many overlooked vanilla textures. Happy to take requests for overlooked/ignored textures.

Permissions and credits
New textures for several Fallout 4 items I couldn't find retextures for or imagined differently. I've tried to do retextures that would make sense in the era and location as well as fitting lore. I am expanding this list with new textures and improving on previous retextures. Textures are of varying sizes most are higher res than vanilla some are the same size as vanilla. Some include new _n maps and tweaked meshes to reduce gloss others have new _s maps , the bowling ball mesh has had the mesh changed to fix messy seams. All tested in game and working fine.

Items currently retextured:
In A:
-Bowlingball *
-Bowling Pins
-Cat Bowl
-Diploma (Law Degree) 
-Dog Bowl (prewar, postwar)
-Halloween decor
-Holotags **
-House Lamps (prewar x4, postwar x4)
-Rat Poison
-Silver locket
-Tea Kettle (prewar, postwar)
-Tea Saucer
-Tooth Brush (prewar, postwar, alt prewar)
-Tri Fold Flag (prewar, postwar)
-Umbrella (prewar, postwar)
-Umbrella Stand (prewar, postwar)

In B:
-Baby Rattle (prewar, postwar)
-Duct Tape (single, 3pack)
-Hairbrushes (prewar, postwar, silver/fancy)
-Kitchen Scale
-Silver Shroud Calling Card
-Straw Pillow
-Toothpaste (prewar, postwar)
-Toy Blocks
-Toy Cars (prewar, postwar)
-Toy Truck (prewar, postwar)
-TV Dinner Tray

In C:
-Alarm Clock (normal, rare)
-Antifreeze (normal, rare)
-Bag of Cement
-Broom (prewar, postwar)
-Coolant (full, empty, cap)
-Flip Lighters (prewar, postwar, gold)
-News Stand
-Turpentine (regular, larger)

In D:
-Breadbox (prewar, postwar)
-Cigarette Machine
-Dishes Set (prewar, postwar)
-Enamel Bucket (prewar, postwar)
-Institute Props
-Lawn Flamingo (prewar, postwar)
-Nuka Cola Wall Clock
-Mirrors (all variants)
-Patio Set (prewar, postwar)
-Plant Pot
-Platesetting (prewar, postwar)
-Tri-cycle (prewar. postwar)
-"You're Special" Baby Book (prewar, postwar)

In E:
-Sanctuary/Playerhouse Exterior Wallset (prewar, postwar)***
-Sanctuary/Playerhouse Interior Wallset (prewar, postwar)***
-Sanctuary/Playerhouse Flooring (prewar, postwar)***
-Sanctuary/Playerhouse Bathroomset (prewar, postwar)
-Sanctuary/Playerhouse Fireplace (prewar, postwar)
-Sanctuary/Playerhouse Kitchen Bar (prewar, postwar)

In F:
-Bone Cutter
-Coffee Pot (prewar, postwar, rare) ****
-Drugstore Signage
-Life Preserver
-Overdue Book
-Prevent Cure
-Salt/Pepper Shakers (prewar, postwar)
-Saucepan Set
-Surgical Tray
-Toy Soldier
-Wonderglue (prewar, postwar)*****

In G:
-Charge Card
-Cast Iron Pots
-Sanctuary/Playerhouse Exterior Roof Shingles (prewar, Postwar)
-Sanctuary/Playerhouse Exterior Wallset Extras  

In Optional section: (Manual installs only)
-Telephone Styles (multiple colors, three styles)
-Alien Blaster (Alt Blue version)
-Breadbox (Alt versions multiple colors, two styles)
-Bathset _n _s
-Charge Card (multiple colors)
-Institute Props (Alt versions multiple colors)
-Jangles (Vanilla version)
-Mop (Red version)
-Overdue Book (Alt 4 lore friendly versions)
-Teaset (Vanilla, Ceramic, Ceramic (No Gold)
-Toy Truck (Alt Fallout 3/New Vegas style)
-Undamaged Holotag 
-Wonderglue (Alt blue, Alt green, Alt Orange)*****
-Salt/Pepper Shakers (Alt Blue/Alt Orange)
-Saucepan Set (Multiple colors)

*NOTE: Included mesh is required to fix Bethesda's messy UV and to reduce seams
**NOTE: A version for wearable holotags mod is also available but I have not uploaded them as I am unsure if I'm allowed to.
***NOTE: Sanctuary/Playerhome Set structure textures not shown in images as I haven't been able to get shots of them in Nifskope
****NOTE: Included _s for postwar, rare
*****NOTE:  Thanks PineappleKlaxon for giving me permissions to use their Wonderglue design as the base of these. Please use the _n and _s textures from https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/30609 alongside mine.
-Mod Managers
Main Packs can be installed via NMM/Vortex/Mod Managers but optional packs must be done manually. 

Drag and drop the Textures and Meshes folder into your Fallout 4 Data folder, 

-Mod Managers
Disable/remove in your preferred Mod Manager

Remove the retextures and any new meshes from your Fallout 4 Data folder

The textures have been split into seven main packs as it takes my internet connection too long to upload anything larger than 30mb packs will grow in size as new textures are made.

If something is wanted to be changed ask I may be able to do it. 

I know these aren't the very best (hence the name, I won't say these are the best even as my skills improve because I don't want to over promise and under deliver) but I am trying to improve and I feel like I am slowly improving (noticeable when comparing newer textures to earlier versions especially the v1 toothbrushes to the later versions) so I also take requests for overlooked items to help me improve my skills and to help give new textures to overlooked items.

I've really poured my heart into this and 10+ hours most days of work so I hope even just a few people enjoy it and can see how much care i've put into it :)
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https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/users/150604 for permission to use their Wonderglue design
https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/7702 followed the paths of rust on these textures for my some of mine