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Clothing overhaul for the organization known as the institute.

Permissions and credits

This mod changes the entire catalogue of clothes for the institute.
The goal is to implement top notch clothing & armor mods in an immersive way.

This includes the following changes:
The standard synth uniform has been replaced by a new one.
Colored versions for each of the 4 vanilla institute divisions.
A 5th division, left out of vanilla, now as their own identity.
All the institute children have a synth uniform fitting their size.
The scientist are equipped with the IEX suit.
The coursers are equipped with the Strigidae armor.
X6-88 got one of those as well.
Father has a new coat.
A Fitting synth armor is also included.

There are 2 versions. White & Black.
White for a clean institute. Black for a dark institute.

The set is NOT craftable and only obtainable from whomever wears it or whichever vendor or location may hold it.
Once obtained, they can be modified like usual.

The description has been made as simply as possible.
If you want to know all the tiny details about what is changed, check the Articles.

Glorious GIF Example

Download with any mod manager.
Niero's Strigidae Armor is required.
Make sure to get the vanilla meshes and overwrite.
Niero's IEX Suit is required.
Make sure to get the skinpack for both, the included textures are low resolution.
Just read, you will figure out how to get them for free.

Every mod now comes with a fomod for easier installation.
All the info you might need or want is either in there or in the Questions section below.
If you want to know all the technical information about potential conflicts, check the Articles.

If you got an issue, check the Questions section below before commenting.

The goal
The goal is to implement other mods into the game in an immersive way.
In my eyes, that means you find the armor somewhere in the world. Be that an NPC, a vendor or a location.
Most clothing mods are easily obtained & most of the time overpowered in stats, unbalancing the entire game.
Therefore I gate them behind something, and balance them to fit seamlessly into the vanilla game.
The clothing is not craftable and can not be obtained unless specific conditions have been made.
In this case, you have to get into the Institute.

Synth Overhaul C.A.S.T is fully compatible.
The aesthetic of C.A.S.T clashes with the vanilla aesthetic I was going for. If some of you want more color variety on the synth armors, who am I to stop you.
C.A.S.T adds 2 synth uniforms to the game which will overwrite mine and break the continuity between my mod's uniforms, A patch is available for this.

Strigadae holotape
It's a script injection to put the armor on the coursers. This is already done in this mod.
I don't know what will happen if you run it. Throw it away.

5th division
In the vanilla game, there is a 5th division, but they are not identified at all.
They are called "Facilities", and are pretty much in charge of maintaining the institute. Without them, the other divisions could not function.
That makes them pretty important to the success of the institute and therefore they deserve their own uniform and logo.
They are now donning the color of yellow and I gave them a fitting logo.

Balance Patches
I support 5 gameplay overhauls. These are Vanilla, Horizon, Unbogus, Lunar & Better Locational Damage.
Immersive Gameplay & War Never Changes are no longer supported.
In the case of IG, that mod works in 99% of cases with the vanilla version.
In the case of WNC, it will also work with the vanilla version, but will be missing some keywords.
If I personally use a mod that conflicts, a patch will also be available for those.
Outside of that, make your own patches.

BLD uses a helmet list that protects from headshots, both on you and NPC's. All helmets & masks need to be included in this list.
This list will overwrite from patch to patch, so they need to merged.
In xEdit, you can find that list under FormID, It should be pretty straightforward what needs to be done.
If this is out of your capabilities, I suggest not using BLD at all.

Weird issues with <insert gameplay overhaul here>
Do not use any other patches for this mod or it's requirements.

Naked or vanilla outfit
The NPC was already spawned on the save you are using.
Go as close as possible to the NPC, open console, click him until a code appears, type "resurrect", enter.
You will see the NPC disappear for a second and spawn in the correct outfit.

Texture glitches
Purple, you are missing textures.
No body, you are missing meshes.
Weird shine, you are missing materials.
Clipping, you are using a body mod.

Allowing me to make use of his synth uniform textures & include his golden father textures.
Synth Uniforms & Golden Father

Allowing me to include his synth armor.
Synth Overhaul C.A.S.T

Allowing me to include one of his child uniform records.
Child Outfits

Letting me use the Strigidae armor & IEX suit. And allowing me to modify and include a skin.
Strigidae Armor & IEX Suit

For the horizon patch as an example, saving me hours of time to decipher that mod.
Cross Armor Horizon