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A collection of presets using ReShade (v1.1 and 3.0.X) and ENB. Brotherhood for basic gaming; Institute ASD/Enhanced for gaming and screen shots; Lone Wanderer for a dark cinematic style; Railroad for old school desaturated vintage; The Pack for a vibrant painted cinematic look.

Permissions and credits

These are personal presets that I have been working on since the day the game came out. They use either ReShade Framework v1.1 (v1.1 presets have all the ReShade files included in the download - you do not need to download anything from the ReShade website) or ReShade v3.0.X (or higher and require that the user download the most current version of ReShade from the reshade.me website). This collection is a mix of my own work and some tweaks made to other presets that I like and got permission to upload here. They are all shared as is and all of them are complete.

For the Brotherhood and Institute ASD I went for a clean sharp look with crisp colors along with increased contrast and dark shadows. I do love my bloom, however, so I have done my best to balance the use of bloom without creating too much haze in the scene. I found nights to be too bright in Fallout 4 so the preset also aims to make nights (and interiors) much darker. They are dark presets but if you want a really dark night then use it with the Darker Nights mod (I do). There is also a suggestion of some vintage look and feel but it is very subtle. Colors tend to be more vibrant than my usual work in BOS and INST ASD. The Lone Wanderer is a merger of Alone by archidan85 and my own ENB code files. Archidan85 was kind enough to grant me permission to upload my custom version here. Then there is the Grimwolf Railroad which is based very heavily on code by SymphonicJohn (his Flickr name) aka warpedguy (nexus user name). This is a very desaturated vintage old-school preset with an almost BW feel at times but some blues and reds have a bit of an appearance. I have also added an updated version (updated by SymphonicJohn) to ReShade v3+ with some minor tweaks of my own. Lastly is The Pack (named after the raider faction in Nuka World) and it has a vibrant colorful feel that is a bit like the old Somber presets from Skyrim. The original was made by IheartRunningMan and I then added my own ENB code and some minor tweaks to it. The Pack also uses ReShade v3+.

For both general gaming and screenshots I recommend Institute ASD which uses ReShade 1.1 and the current ENB binary. I spent a lot of time on this preset tweaking bloom, lighting, color, and DOF settings. I suggest using it with the game version of HBAO (try setting NVHBAO fPowerExponent=2.7500) and ENB SSAO. For cinematic screenshots or a darker slightly more vintage style of game play I recommend the Lone Wanderer (LW). If you want a preset that perhaps fits the post-nuclear world of Fallout 4 with some great screenshot opportunities then I suggest the Railroad (RR). If you just want some visual enhancements with the main focus on game play then Brotherhood of Steel (BOS) is your choice. If you want an intense cinematic look with an almost classical painting feel then try The Pack.

Screenshots for these presets were all taken at 2560 x 1440 resolution with all game settings on ultra and pretty much baseline INI settings minus a couple of tweaks to load textures in the distance better. I do not use SMAA or FXAA in any of the presets as I find it causes excessive shimmering. TAA works great with this game and I counter the extra blur caused by TAA with high Luma-Sharpen values.


Brotherhood of Steel (BOS): This is a basic preset for hardcore game play and does not require ENB and doesn't use DOF. It is a basic ReShade v1.1 preset and has only core effects enabled. Note that since DOF and GRAIN are off by default on BOS that you will need to first enable them in the code files (see help further down) before you will be able to use the hot keys to toggle them of and on in-game. I would not bother enabling HBAO since the FO4 patch adds a much better HBAO that isn't as performance costly. This file is self-contained and all you need to run the preset.

Institute Advanced Systems Design (INST ASD): This is the high tech preset with ENB DOF (GRAIN and LETTERBOXES are also configured but disabled by default). This preset requires the current ENB binary or later plus ReShade 1.1.  Included with the preset is a help guide for using the ENB DOF which can take some getting used to. By default I have it set so that no effect is visible when playing - to take screenshots you will need to use the in-game GUI to tweak it). There is also a ReShade DOF included (on by default). They both have their pros and cons so figure each user can decide for themselves. Note there is a beta version called Enhanced. This is more bloomy and softer in look as it uses new bloom code. The Institute interior is hit or miss with it. The elevator is white out but other areas look awesome. Probably best to disable bloom while inside that place though. It also has new DOF by Marty McFly. In addition new adaption and lens shaders but they are not enabled.

Railroad (RR): This preset is mostly the work of SymphonicJohn from Flickr (warpedguy on Nexus). He shared the code a long time ago and since then I have kept it up to date with the binaries. The majority of code is still his and I have just tweaked a few things. The preset is very desaturated and heavy on atmosphere - thick grain and an old-time vintage feeling give it a very unique look. It also has some desaturated red highlights to it. Like the Institute it has both ReShade and ENB based DOF (by default on in ReShade and off in ENB). It uses ReShade v1.1 (included with the download) and the current ENB binary.

Railroad Enhanced (RRE): Same as the above only SymphonicJohn updated it to use ReShade 3.X. I then updated the ENB to 385 and made some minor tweaks. All credit for this to SymphonicJohn. The ReShade files are NOT included and must be downloaded from reshade.me website. Follow directions for The Pack on how to use ReShade 3.X.

Lone Wanderer (LW): Note this was updated to binary 420 on 2020-05-25. This preset is a merger of Alone by archidan85 and my own ENB code files. Archidan85 was kind enough to grant me permission to upload my custom version here. Alone was pure ReShade (v1.1) code so I took his code and merged it with my ENB code for the Institute ASD. Most of the ReShade code is is still the work of archidan85. In his ReShade I edited my own DOF tweaks and made some slight changes to color and lighting since both his preset and my own are very dark so I needed to balance that when I merged them. All the ENB code is my own work and comes from the ASD preset with changes to lighting and SSAO-SSIL to balance lighting. Be warned it is a dark preset though. Note: Both grain and letterbox is on by default in this preset as it is meant to be cinematic. ReShade DOF is set for game play and landscape/distant shots. ENB DOF is per-configured for close up screenshots only. All the ReShade files are included with this preset - you only need to get the current ENB binary files from enbdev.com.

The Pack (PACK): This is a vibrant cinematic preset with a classical painted like style, themed after the Grim and Somber presets, and was originally created by IheartRunningMan. I added in ENB code files and my own minor tweaks and changes. IheartRunningMan then granted me permission to upload my edited version of his original preset here. I want to stress that the majority of the look and feel of this preset is all the work of IheartRunningMan. I mainly added the ENB code and some minor tweaks. This is currently the only preset that uses ReShade 3.0.6 (all the others use v1.1). It also requires the current ENB binary. This preset is also intense - with nights being more a dark purple than true black. Colors and detail can feel more intense and has a more animated quality to them. It works well with grain and a letterbox - but since most people do not like those effects I left them disabled by default. They can be enabled in the ENB GUI in-game if desired.


1 - Download the preset you wish to use from the files section. If you are using the Institute ASD (ASD), Railroad (RR), Railroad Enhanced (RRE), The Pack (PACK), or Lone Wanderer (LW) then you also need to download and install the two ENB DLL binary files for the current ENB binary. Inside the download is the wrapper folder and in that are the two files you need - d3d11.dll and d3dcompiler_46e.dll.

2a (for ReShade v1.1) - Extract the preset files and copy the ReShade folder, dxgi.dll, and ReShade.fx file into your root Fallout 4 folder. If using ASD, RR, RRE*, LW, or PACK* then also copy the enbseries folder, enblocal.ini, and enbseries.ini files into the foot Fallout 4 folder as well as the two ENB binary files from enbdev.com:

Example of location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4\

2b (for ReShade v3.0.X, currently for The Pack and RRE presets) - Go to the ReShade Website and follow the instructions to download and install ReShade v3.0.X (or current version). I recommend installing ReShade first, setting it up, and running the game once to make sure all is working with ReShade v3 before installing any preset. That way you know the basic ReShade is working correctly before installing any preset files. Also if you switch presets around a lot between ReShade 1.1 and 3.0 (like I do) I recommend after installing ReShade 3 that you create a folder and copy all the core installed ReShade files in your FO4 directory into it. This way you won't have to keep running the installer every time. I do the same for ReShade v1.1. When I switch presets in and out I have all the files needed for each preset in one folder. Then all I need to do is copy the contents into the FO4 directory. When done just remove them and copy over the next one I want to use - makes adding/removing presets very clean and super fast.

Once ReShade 3.0.X is installed you can then copy over the PACK preset files. Also install all the ENB files using the same instructions noted in step 1. Note I included the dxgi.ini file for The Pack and RRE as it has the path already saved for the settings file. You don't have to copy over the dxgi.ini file if you already have one. But you will need to select the settings INI once you start the game and ReShade 3 is loaded. You can also edit the path in the dxgi.ini manually. For example for the RRE preset it would look like this (assuming your game is installed in the default area):

PresetFiles=C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4\Railroad.ini

You can have multiple ones in the the PresetFiles path - just separate by a semicolon.

3. If using ASD, RR, RRE, PACK, or LW you will also need the two ENB files downloaded in step 1. The files are named d3d11.dll and d3dcompiler_46e.dll and are found in the wrapper folder of the file you got from enbdev.com. Copy those two files into the root Fallout 4 directory as well. You may need to add them as exclusions to your virus protection. If using windows 10 right click on each one and make sure they are not being blocked. You may also need to set them to run with admin privilege.

4. If using ENB be sure to edit your enblocal.ini file with the proper settings. For the MEMORY settings use Boris's ENB VRAM Test for Dx11 to find out how much memory you have. Then deduct 170 MB (win7-8) or 370 ( win10) from the total. This is a good starting point but you may need to tweak it further. When running the test note that it will base memory on any software also running. So if running Firefox the memory amount can be different than if FF was closed. This is because FF can use video memory. Tapiok has a great video guide for ENB including memory settings so I suggest watching that (link on my sticky note in the comments).

It is suggested that you set the following field to false to avoid stuttering: ApplyStabilityPatch=false (having it set to true has not caused stuttering for me but it can for some folks which Boris has pointed out).

5. With all the files copied over you are ready to go. Start up the game and make sure you see the messages that indicate that ReShade and, if applicable, ENB has started. You may see a yellow warning with ReShade which can be ignored.

Using DOF

In some presets if ReShade DOF is enabled you may notice a yellow error message that shows up in the upper left hand corner of the screen on load (or re-load). It can be ignored - it is just a warning and part of the ReShade code.

Power Armor and Game UI Warning: Note that ReShade DOF does not work with power armor and can blur the UI of the game.

There are pro's and con's between using ReShade DOF and ENB DoF. I find ReShade more flexible with more options and it can be left on and the game is still playable since it will only blur things in the distance - but you do have to put up with some blurred menus (easily avoided by toggling the DOF off). On the other hand the ENB DOF seems smoother, less costly, and has an in-game GUI so you do not have to ALT-TAB to change settings like ReShade v1.1 (ReShade v3 you can edit in-game). The down side is that if left on it can blur your character in third person a lot. So I find it isn't playable at all and only good for screenshots.

Special note on ENB DOF: By default the ENB DOF is off and can be toggled with SHIFT + F7. You can edit it in-game with the ENB GUI.


I did not focus on FPS rates that much as it isn't a concern of mine. If I get at least 25fps or higher I am happy. I won't be fine tuning any of the presets beyond what they are now. Best performance is Brotherhood of Steel. The rest all have ultra quality settings. If you want to gain performance then read the notes I added in the enbseries.ini file. Your main FPS gain will be in the SSAO settings. Lower the two scales to 0.5. Then lower quality settings to 0 or 1. Also disable complex ambient occlusion. Those three changes will get you 5-15 FPS depending on your computer configuration. I don't recommend lowering the detailed shadows any lower than high (setting 0).

Required Mods and Incompatible Mods

No mods required but you will need ENB files for any preset using ENB. Presets using ReShade v1.1 come with all the needed ReShade files. Presets using ReShade 3.0+ will need to have the entire ReShade framework and shader files installed. I do recommend True Storms which I use in all my games (and hence tweak around). Currently on True Storms v1.4. FadingSignal also has a lighting mod that I tested. It looks very good with these presets but it will be very dark. Right now I use that FS interiors enhanced mod loaded after Ultra Interior Lighting.

Mods that overhaul the weather and lighting/color will most likely be incompatible to various degrees. Mods like Vivid Weather and ELFX are two examples of mods that would conflict with these presets. They won't hurt anything but who knows how things will look.


I recommend completely removing all the files you added on the install just to keep everything clean.

Effects, Options, and Hot Keys

FOR RESHADE v1.1: I have assigned hot keys to many effects as well as changing the default toggle for all effects. Please see the key list below for the hot keys. Hitting the assigned key will enable/disable the effect. Note that if you are using a preset where one of the ReShade effects is DISABLED by default that the hot-keys won't work - they only work if the effect is enabled by default (meaning ReShade starts up with it active). If you want to toggle and effect first make it active by changing its flag from 0 to 1 under the USE definition for the effect it its related code file. Then in-game you can turn it on/off with a hot key (if it is an effect that supports hot keys as not all of them do).

Toggle ALL effects on/off: Minus (-) key on number pad (found in the Common.fg file)
Toggle DOF: Plus (+) key on the nymber pad (found in the McFx.cfg file)

If you wish to change the assigned keys it is pretty easy. If you look in the main ReShade folder you will see a folder called "PersonalFiles" and inside that is a file called KeyCodes.h. Open that up and it shows a key board mapping with numbers for each key. I use those numbers to assign the hotkeys. For example the key F12 is the number 123.

Now that you know what number to use for any key on the keyboard you can edit the CFG file that has the effect you want to assign a new hot key to. For example if you want to change the hot key for DOF open the McFx.cfg file. Scroll down to the DEPTHOFIELD section. Under "Global Parameters" you will see:

#define DOF_ToggleKey 107 //[undef] //-

Change the number 107 to the number of the key you want to use to toggle the effect.

FOR RESHADE v3.0.X: I have assigned hotkeys to The Pack. See the hot keys text file included in the download for what they are. You can edit hot keys for v3.0 right in the game, as well as all reshade effects. Open the ReShade GUI using SHIFT + F2. Only The Pack preset uses ReShade v3 currently. See the ReShade website for instructions on how to use their tools and in-game GUI. Hot keys for RRE may need to be created by the user as I may not have duplicated them all the same way as I did The Pack.

FOR ENB EFFECTS: The ASD/Enhanced, PACK, RR, RRE, and LW presets currently have options for grain, letterboxes, and DOF. To edit those values, or disable/enable, open the ENB GUI using SHIFT + SPACE and then adjust as needed. Here is an image help guide that helps show where to edit things. Note: The Railroad relies heavily on grain for its looks so I don't recommend or support disabling it.

You will find the letterbox and grain effects for ENB in the ENBEFFECTPOSTPASS.FX.INI file. You can either enable/disable the settings directly by editing the INI file (located in the enbseries folder) or do it in game with the ENB GUI. If using the GUI just look in the shader window for the shader called enbeffectpostpass and expand it - then look for the Grain and Letterbox sections. You can enable/disable by clicking the flags. You can also edit the size/intensity of effects here. If editing them in Notepad they are both near the bottom. Just change the "true" to a "false".

For help with ENB DOF settings see the help guide included in the INST ASD download file.

Bloom and The Institute Location

The Institute location is hyper-sensitive to bloom. I have gotten it mostly under control but you will see a few spots where the bloom blows up and/or you get some bad banding artifacts. If it bothers you a lot feel free to just disable bloom entirely (just open the ENB GUI and check the box that says UseOriginalBloom to set it to true - it will override everything else and just use vanilla game bloom) while inside the Institute (you will have to uncheck the box when you leave if you wish to go back to ENB bloom). This is a case where the vanilla bloom looks much better.

Help Tips - Enabling Effects in ReShade

Note: These tips only work on ReShade Framework version 1.1. If using a preset that requires ReShade v3.0 (like The Pack or RRE) then please visit the ReShade website for instructions for using their tool.

You can only use a hot key to toggle effects on and off IF the effect was enabled in the shader file in the first place. But if you want to use it (or others) with the Brotherhood preset (which has them disabled by default) you need to first enable it in the code file. Then you can use a hot key to turn DOF off and on. To enable DOF (or edit it in any way) you need to edit the McFx.cfg file for that preset. So open the McFx.cfg file with any text editor and look for the proper section to change:

For DOF look below the HBAO section for this line:

#define USE_DEPTHOFFIELD 1 //[DOF] change to 0 to disable or change to 1 to enable

There are many other settings you can tweak but you will have to experiment yourself with them. I can say I pre-set a nice strong DOF for use with Matso if you want to try it. Look for this line:

#define DOF_METHOD 2 //[1:5] //-1: Ring DOF(Petka/martinsh) 2: Magic DOF 3: GP65CJ042 DOF 4: Matso DOF 5: Marty McFly Advanced DOF

Change the DOF_METHOD number from a 2 to a 5. This will enable a strong bokeh effect. To make it even more powerful edit this line:

#define DOF_FARBLURCURVE 1.46 // lower is more intense and higher pushes the blur further back. Try 0.45.

Then to make the blur stronger and more pronounced edit this line:

#define DOF_BLURRADIUS 4.9

Try values around 10-15 for something really strong. Lastly this line controls the camera focus point, which by default is the center of the screen:

#define DOF_FOCUSPOINT float2(0.5,0.5) //[0.0:1.0] //-X and Y coordinates of autofocus center. Axes start from upper left screen corner.

So (0.4, 0.5) would center a bit to the left and on the character. I usually use the console TFC 1 command so I can freeze the scene and move the camera around (along with the FOV command to change field of view). Sometimes you want the center to be off center, however, and then I edit the camera focus points for that.

Possible Stuttering Fix When Using ENB Based Preset (ASD, RR, LW, PACK)

Boris has indicated that some folks may get stuttering if they set the following field to true in the enblocal.ini file:


So if you get stuttering while using ASD, RR, RRE, PACK, or LW try changing that value to false to resolve it.


My own configuration files may only be used if permission is granted and credit given. Send me a PM to discuss options. Lone Wanderer is the work of myself and archidan85 and hence not open for sharing since I do not own all the work. You would need permission from both of us to use the code. Likewise the Railroad (and its Enhanced version) is mostly the work of SymphonicJohn and would need permission from both of us. Lastly the Pack is the work of IheartRunningMan and myself and not available for sharing unless permission from both of us is given.


Boris - For his amazing work on ENB
Marty McFly - for his awesome DOF shader!
JawZ - For his modular shader files, ENB code file tweaks, and general help and advice
MaxTheUniqueGamer and Wolrajh - For their Natural Bloom Code file, available at enbdev.com
Wolrajh - For his X, Y focus options for ENB DOF and his Bloom code
MaxG3D - for his additions to the Bloom code
Tansarville - For helping me with color correction settings and general advice and support
archidan85 - For granting me permission to use his Alone preset code in my Lone Wanderer preset.
SymphonicJohn (Flickr) aka Warpedguy (Nexus) - For granting me permission to use an early version of his FO4 vintage preset (which I have referred to in the past as simply Symphonic) as the base for the Railroad. Right now most of the code is all his - all I did was update it to current binaries, adjust some SSAO values, add-in my own DOF code changes, and some very minor tweaks to a few settings here and there. Ditto for the Enhanced version.
IheartRunningMan - Many thanks for creating such a wonderful preset and sharing it with me. IheartRunningMan did all the original work for The Pack using just ReShade. I then added my own ENB code files and some minor tweaks but the core look is all thanks to IheartRunningMan. Please check out his Nexus user page as he has two puiblished FO4 presets as well (last Light and Chalk Outline Cine).

To all the folks over at ReShade who make these files available. It is maintained by crosire (ReShade developer), Ganossa (GemFX and configuration tool developer), CeeJay.dk (SweetFX developer), Marty McFly (MasterEffect developer), JPulowski, Ioxa and more (https://github.com/crosire/reshade-shaders/graphs/contributors).

The Nexus mod and preset community for help and advice.

Bethesda for making the game.