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A customizable STI 2011 DVC.

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"'Dis is da start of sumtin' bootiful."

10 days of learning, in 6 seconds.

Tooun has added support in her QMW mod for the STI! Check it out!

For returning users: If you use MCG Female Walk, I have incorporated the proper SubGraph data for them to play nice. There should be no more floating slides in your life. While your hips be swayin', you'll be slayin'.

I don't know what to say - I made it to the hot mods page, a place a lot of my inspirations have seen time and time again. Thank you all. I hope I can continue to bring you guys stuff that I'm both proud of sharing, and that brings you guys joy.

Around 1993, an engineer and computer aided design (CAD) expert named Sandy Strayer joined Tripp Research, Inc. Tripp and Strayer revolutionized the 1911 market by designing a modular high-capacity 1911 frame for International Practical Shooting Confederation shooters. Whilst Para Ordnance already had a high-capacity 1911 frame on the market, it was made of steel. The modular frame made use of a fibre-reinforced plastic which combined the trigger guard, grip, and integral magazine well. It used a proprietary grip which attached to the upper portion of the frame (a metal part that comprised the dust cover and frame rails). The result was that the modular frame weighed less than half of what the steel frame weighed. Furthermore, while the Para frame feels notably larger than a standard 1911 in the hand, the STI feels similar to a regular 1911 since the grips are moulded into the plastic of the frame rather than screwed to the outside. Tripp and Strayer were listed as the co-patent holders on the modular frame. Soon after the modular frame was introduced, the company name changed to STI (Strayer-Tripp, Inc.) and Strayer was given an equity stake in the new company.

How to Get: Craftable at Chem Lab, or available from vendors and enemies at Level 20. 

Alternatively, open console and type "help 4 STI weap"

player.additem XX015FE1 

I've been in the firearms world for a long time, but one world I have never had the willpower, time, or whatever excuse to jump into has been the modding world. I am floored by this community, your love for the game, and your willingness to help each other. I would not have been able to finish this, let alone start, my first mod without so much help from so many.

Included below is an STI 2011 DVC modeled by Cody of ParallaxGameStudios. It is a cutomizable double stack, 9mm (10mm in game - didn't get around to adding ammo, and .45 is also available) 2011. A 2011 is a high-capacity 1911 that has been an ever popular  choice in the world of 3Gun, IPSC, and IDPA. It is an incredibly well made machine, one I have had the privilege of using for my own competitions when I was sponsored by STI many years ago.

I've  done my best to make a functional, accurately depicted, handgun for use in Fallout. Leveled List injection is included, but I must admit I haven't actually 100% confirmed that its distributing. I'll assume it is, given the commonplace use of the LLInject script.

I'm very proud, but also incredibly nervous, to share this with you all. This is my first mod. I wanted it to be as complete as time would allow, without taking too long. 

I have had a lot of help along the way. I hope you all enjoy.

A huge thank you to TallowCatch / German B/Pro for helping out with getting correct metadata for the animations, and also making some minor fixes to the RMR sight. I appreciate you so much.

Models: Cody of ParallaxGameStudios (This includes his fantastic Osprey, Hybrid46, TLR-1, X300 Ultra, and RMR)
Bodyacrypt for his Viridian C5L
X400U: from Henrique Lopes

Cubemaps: from Ajhakra
Magwell: Courtesy of Ardent from his fantastic Glock19x Mod Model by 
Textures: Myself and Ardent
Sounds: Under purchased license from ASoundEffect and personal recordings done on 6/9/2020 by myself.
Animations: Fantastic animations are provided by Shiny Haxorus and FiddlerGreen, thank you so much - both of you.
LList Injection: a_blind_man and Dank Rafft
Screenshots: Neto, jray86 aka Drifter, Mother, Gordon & HWG

I'm extraordinarily thankful to...

LAKILL, Ardent, CL50, Hyper, Fiddler, Shiny, Pxncture, the entire NP discord, and so many more.I plan to continue updating this and making fixes as needed. I hope this makes someone happy.

As for what's next - well, let's see how this does.