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Build alongside me as we work together to make some amazing settlement designs!

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Each week that I build, I'll post a Workshop Framework layout of my design so you can load it up and build with me.

Make any changes or additions you like, and then post screenshots on my Let's Play comments, or send them to me through nexusmods.com, simsettlements.com, Twitter, or Facebook - I'll pick some of my favorites to feature and incorporate elements of them into the design.

This way we can virtually build together and work on a design as a community!

Updates to the mod will happen on Thursdays, and I usually play on Sunday nights - so as long as you get your screenshots up before Sunday evening U.S. times, I'll see them in time to incorporate them into the design!

How To Use

Workshop Framework Layouts are installed like any other mod, and then applied from the Manage option on the Workbench. Once you have applied all of the zones you are interested in, you can uninstall the mod if you like. (There are advantages to keeping it installed if you have the room in your LO though!)

Here's a video on Importing layouts:

Want to Make Your Own?

WSFW Layouts can be incredibly easy to make - as simple as clicking a few options in-game and drag and dropping a file into our web app.

Or if you want to do something more complex like this Sanctuary setup, with your settlement chunked out into zones, check out the more advanced guide below!

Special Thanks

cdante for the F4SE dll needed to export these layouts correctly!
Vaernus for helping develop the web tool that allowed easy creation of plugin files!
Yagisan, Phil_T_Casual, and XV for extensive testing of the tools!