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This is a clean up and redecoration of the greenhouse in Diamond City. Plus a couple helpful bonuses.

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Did you know that there is a greenhouse in Diamond City?  Well it's called a greenhouse, but it really is just a poorly designed room that isn't worth the time it takes for the cell to load.  In fact, I bet that most of you went in there one time when you first made it to Diamond City on your first play through and never went back in there again.  This mod takes that wasted space and makes it worth visiting.

What did I do?
  • Cleaned out the entire room of useless items and trash.  I mean, they had a floor jack and a diagnostic cart in there for Pete's sake.
  • Replaced the useless flora with lots of planters like Graygarden has.  These will respawn and you can return to the greenhouse and harvest them again later after whatever amount of time you have your cell reset set to.
  • Painstakingly re-navmeshed the entire room by hand. Ok, it was painless and only took a couple minutes but your companion will wander around in there with no trouble at all.
  • As a bonus, I may have added a few useful items to the room that some people in Diamond City want.  You can pick 'em up or not pick 'em up.  I guess it will all depend if you feel like playing "Go Fetch" that day.

No DLCs required.  Everything is vanilla.

This mod alters the interior cell DmndGreenhouse01. Should be compatible with any mod that alters Diamond City as long as that mod doesn't alter that cell.

This mod was made with the Creation Kit and edited and cleaned with FO4Edit.  Huge thanks to the xEdit team. You guys rock.

Last thing:
As an extra bonus I added something that I made for myself a while back and I thought some of you might find it useful.  You know those experimental plants that suspiciously look like Nirnroot from Elder Scrolls?  Well I gave them a purpose.  That's all the detail I'm giving you about that.  Go check it out for yourself.

If you farm in your settlements a lot and want more vegetables from your plants check out this other mod by me:
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