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The Minuteman, the Legend, the Man. Preston Garvey, now with 83% more manliness and more settlements to help than ever, except this time, HE will help them, yesterday !. His name is Preston Garvey, and he commands rain to not fall !

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Remember that day, when you thought Preston would again ask you to help this settlement you had already helped 63 times in a row? Remember how you wanted to tell him to do it by himself, but couldn't muster the strength to do it because you feared you will hurt his feelings?

Well, you were in the WRONG timeline, with the WRONG Preston !

Allow me to introduce you with PREEEEEEEESTON MEEEEEEEEEGARVEY ! This guy just doesn't sit on top of his building, waiting for you to save him and the others in the Museum of Liberty, no ! He goes down there by himself and tells the raiders to fuck off or else he will kick their asses with just a fork ! And then he does just that !
And that deathclaw coming from the sewers? Do you think he was impressed? Do you think he ran away? No ! He told him right to his face to sit down and bark ! And the deathclaw sat down and barked !

This is not anymore the Preston Garvey you knew ! This man is a badass ! You thought he would pester you with settlements problems? WRONG ! He WON'T do that, and you know why? Because there are no problems with any settlements ! He got there and told them there was no problems ! And the problems complied !

And do you want to know why it doesn't rain? It's because he told the rain to stay out of his planet ! And the rain complied !

This is not Preston, this is PRESTON !

With this preset, you will NEVER look at Preston the same way ! Because you will not even be able to look at him more than a second due to the blinding emanations of sheer badassery coming from every single particle of his being !

Forget the wimp, and meet the Legend, the Badass, the Man. Preston Megarvey, because Garvey wasn't enough !

With this preset, no, you too can have a real badass Preston in your team ! Just follow the instructions below and run with it !

For this preset to work, you need:

--> Looks menu.
--> Looks menu customization compendium.
--> Lots of hair barber extension
--> Hi-poly faces.

The screens have been taken using either PRC with vanilla weather, or Film Workshop with NAC and using the sunny weather configuration; I'll note it on the screens anyway.

To apply the preset to Preston, use the command slm 1a4d7 in the game.


You can download This mod who will give you several bat files you can use to relook your companions, among others; for Preston, the command would be "bat Rpreston"

Be careful ! DON'T try to relook Preston, or anyone else for that matter, who is not physically present in the same cell as you, or your game WILL CTD.

Also, if you want to give more punch to Preston and the companions in general, I highly recommend you my mod Trinity perks who on top of the massive perk overhaul it provides, also gives more power and utility to companions.
Also, I am currently working on the update 3.0 of this mod, who will, among many, MANY others things, bring more uniqueness to the companions, which of course includes Preston.

Now, let me leave you with the opinion of some fine people about my version of Preston !