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Made a wall surrounding Red Rocket and Sanctuary (Covenant Walls)

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So this is my first "mod" (all I did was add walls so not that impressive tbh) it's pretty simple I just added a wall and some doors surrounding Red Rocket and Sanctuary. I added a few guard posts to make it a little nicer imo as well. I cleaned (*I think*) the mod in FO4Edit. I tested the doors leading into Red Rocket and Sanctuary with Dogmeat and he was able to walk in so, in theory, other NPCs should be able to too but no promises tbh (if they aren't using the door I can attempt to clean it up a little). I did clean up some garbage as well in spots where they were in the way of the wall placement. Chances are this broke precombines and I'm not 100% sure how to fix them yet but I'm planning to look into it in the next few days to see what I can do. I also added a light to the roof of Red Rocket so it has three instead of just two and also added lights to the minuteman statue. I also deleted the dead guy and the dog after you cross the bridge. If something is reported broken I'll try my best to fix it but I'm fairly new to modding so no promises (I do plan to keep modding so I probably won't leave this mod broken if it is broken but it just might take me a few days to learn some more and such)

Really I just got tired of placing a wall around the two settlements every time I made a new game so this is just my solution to that so I can just have it ready every playthrough. Everything used in this mod is vanilla content (Main game and DLCWorkshop01)

These aren't required mods but it was made with these mods in mind (it was tested without them so it *should* work well enough without them too I just really like these mods):

Sanctuary Clean Roads
PreWar Sanctuary Bridge
Red Rockets' Glare REDONE - Lighting
Repaired Red Rocket
Red Rocket Fresh Paint

*Sorry for the poor quality screenshots, my graphics card died recently so I'm playing with my roommate's card which isn't as good.

Also, I tried to line up the walls and end pieces as best I could which took a surprisingly long time. I might move some parts slightly at some point since I'm not 100% happy about all the placements but if I do it'll be minor.