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Looksmenu IDs For editing Looksmenu preset .json files.

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Update 2.1:  Added more IDs to Vanilla and Extended Face Scuplting sections.
Update:  Added more values to the "Regions" section.  Added more sections beyond just the "Regions".

This for people who want to remove edits in any Looksmenu .json preset file instead of messing around in-game trying to fix face edits they either don't like or simply can't fix.


In the images above, as an example, I edited out the "Forehead" face edit in the .json file. (Using notepad++)

Just highlight the block of text exactly as shown in the image for any face edit you wish to remove and hit delete - use the file I've in included in the downloads section to reference a specific face part.  My suggestion is to remove both Vanilla AND Extended Face Sculpting edits to ensure a cleaner return to a default setting for that face part.