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Improves scrap output of mega loaders, cranes, forklifts, and various other implements

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This started out as a mod for myself to get better scrap from the heavy equipment at the Vault 88 construction site, but then evolved to include things not covered by Immersive Scrapping, a mod that I highly recommend.

You'll get better scrap from Mega Loaders, Cranes, water towers (yep. both of them) train cars, capsule pods (like the ghoul overseer was staying in), monorail cars, buses (both broken and whole), motorcycles, tractors, flatbed trailers, the two rockslides in the V88 construction site that each contained a mega loader and a forklift, weed whackers, lawnmowers, static "car" engines (hey, that's what it's called), and street sweepers (in case you use Build and Scrap Beyond Workshop Boundaries).

Anyway, I find that I semi-regularly need make additions or changes to the mod, as I run into objects that I missed.

While I realize that this mod is of limited use, being that there is a finite numbers of these objects in the game (not to mention within scrapping distance), my OCD couldn't tolerate the paltry scrap that I would get.