Fallout 4
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Alters one script that caused caravan guards to revert to their vanilla outfits

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This mod fixes a very specific problem for those who use DWooT's caravan mods (does not apply to Carla's caravan). In version 2.1.0 of the Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch, bug fix #27378 was made to address a problem with two leg armors being included in the caravan guard outfit. Knowing their clients would likely be updating the Patch mid-playthrough, the Patch team added a script which retroactively caused a refresh of all caravan guards' outfits. The result, for those of us who use DWooT's caravan mods was that the guards would appear with their custom names and faces, but in their default outfits/hair. This mod aims to fix that.

Conditions of Use
This fix will only work on a new game. If you are already mid-playthrough and DWooT's caravan guards are back in their vanilla outfits, the only way (that I know of) to fix them is by using console commands.  If you use this on an existing save, please do not post at me saying it doesn't work.

How to fix using console:

What this mod does
My original fix was to simply delete the quest that triggered the refresh script.  After digging a little deeper, I discovered the Patch team made each retro quest reference the quest that came after it, effectively forming a daisy chain.  While my fix would work for version 2.1.0, once 2.1.1 is released, it could cause issues.  This mod replaces the original script triggered by the quest with a copy that has the refresh section of code removed. (Source file is included) In this manner, the outfit entry is still repaired as intended by the Patch team, but it doesn't force the guards to wear it.