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A simple mod that replaces the Combat Shotgun with the PPSKN 42. Requires v1.0 of Sayaheca's P42 mod.

Permissions and credits
This mod is a simple replacer for the vanilla Combat Shotgun with Sayaheca's PPSKN 42 Combat Rifle.

  • This patch replaces the vanilla Combat Shotgun with the PPSKN 42 for friendly and enemy NPCs, vendors and the Le Fusil Terribles unique weapon.
  • Also included are minor fixes for wrong and duplicate description fields of some object modifications of the original P42.
Known Issues
  • This patch will most likely conflict with mods that change the fragments of the AspirationalItems [QUST:001F2673] control quest. An alternate version is also available that doesn't touch any scripts, but keeps the vanilla version of the vendor unique Justice.
  • If installed mid-game it might take up to 72 hours until Combat Shotguns stop appearing on vendors. NPCs that are already spawned will keep their vanilla Combat Shotguns. Both are limitations of the base game and are tricky to deal with without the risk of damaging your save game.
  • This patch is recommended for the PPSKN 42 no leveled list v1.0 of the original mod. It should work with the version that uses leveled list injection as well, but I haven't tested it against it. For best results enable this patch from the beginning in a new game.
  • Since the original PPSKN 42 doesn't have enough object modifications to create a proper full replacer via overriding the original weapon and OMOD entries of the Combat Shotgun, you can still get it via console commands if you desire. This also means that you don't need to worry too much about distorted items or conflicts with other mods that make direct use of the vanilla Combat Shotgun.
  • This mod is basically just a quick and dirty tutorial mod requested by users of the original mod. Therefore some unknown side-effects might occur. I will refine it a bit more once Sayaheca releases the v1.1 update of the P42.
  • It's not recommended to remove this type of mod mid-playthrough since it will damage your save game! No "clean save" will help you in this case. You really have to go back to a previous save.
  • Since I don't own the VR Workshop Creation Club content and therefore can't test against it, the NPCs that use Combat Shotguns in VR settlement attacks will still use the vanilla version.
  • Sayaheca for the original mod, see the mod page for detailed credits of the weapon.
  • Sarajiel for the vanilla replacer.