Fallout 4
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Sunshine Tidings rebuilt with the barn and warehouse tile sets, plus bunk beds, stores, crops, and laser turret defense.

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I've gotten into the habit of rebuilding Sunshine Tidings in all of my recent playthroughs, but it wasn't until I gained some familiarity with Transfer Settlements that it dawned on me to create a blueprint, instead of going through the trouble of rebuilding over and over.

It wasn't until I had shared it with my other characters that I was able to get issues ironed out. Well...there's probably going to be a few issues that creep up, every-so-often, but I think I've gotten the bulk of them.

I will say that I'm not entirely satisfied with the layout of the stores, and the crop placement could be better. For the latter I tried to keep all of the transplanted wild plants on one plot. On that note, though I did use Wild Plants Farming to place the wild plants Transfer Settlements didn't indicate that it would be a requirement for anyone using the blueprint. In fact, the only mod required is Snap Beds.

The images of the re-textured warehouses barns are just for show. Clean Warehouses and Clean Barns are not required.