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This is it ladies and gentlemen - the power of Reanu Keeves!

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A few weeks ago, The Spiffing Brit(1) made a hilarious(2) video (see videos tab) about an exploit in Fallout 4 that allowed pipe guns to become MIRV nuke launchers, which he called The Power of Yorkshire Tea(3) and it was wielded by the legendary Reanu Keeves.  The problem is the process is pretty longwinded and more or less requires you to travel the length and breadth of the map.  In addition to that you have to do some really quick moves with the controller/keyboard so could be a bit frustrating.  It also requires the Far Harbor DLC, which not everyone has.

As a modder I thought of an easier exploit - just clone the pipe gun and override the ammo type.  The end result is the gun consumes the normal ammo of a pipe gun, but launches MIRV nukes, and as The Spiffing Brit mentions, it turns the pipe gun into the most powerful gun in the game.

For those of you who won't watch the video, DO NOT USE VATS.  Although it aims like a gun, you're still firing nuclear warheads, and they don't travel far.  Even with perks, they won't travel through obstacles like bullets can do occasionally, and will go boom on the first thing that gets in their way.  If you're too close, you're about to discover what it's like to be at ground zero.

There are two differences between this and The Spiffing Brit's version.  The first is it doesn't have the weird barrel, and looks like a normal pipe gun.  The second is if you hold down fire it has an automatic mode (just for the lulz).  Another difference (maybe?) is the fact that it can't be modified at a crafting bench.  Any change to the gun resulted in it reverting to normal ammo and you couldn't get it back.  It's also player only, because I didn't want NPCs unleashing Hell, shooting everyone with MIRVS and killing pretty much everyone including themselves and the player.  Mutually assured destruction was guaranteed.

To get the gun, it's in the little hut with the elevator platform button for Vault 111, so you can get right from the start.  Alternatively, you can craft it at a chem bench for 1 Fatman, 1 pipe gun, 1 adhesive, 2 screws, 4 springs and 2 steel.

The mod is in the donation point program, but 100% of DP goes to charity.

Anyway enjoy/hate/perform bizzare experiments on it.

1 - The Spiffing Brit was not involved in the creation of this mod in any way, and doesn't endorse it in any way.  He did inspire it though.  He's guilty of that.
2 - The British invented humour and it's not our fault no one else gets it.
3 - Taylor's of Harrogate weren't involved in the creation of this mod in any way, and don't endorse it in any way either.  P.S:  Please don't sue me, for using a picture of your box, and I actually buy the tea.