Fallout 4
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Adds 1 modular sling backpack, 3 new outfits, 3 weapons, 1 new settlement, 1 new vendor, 1 new workshop resource vending machine, and adjusts the scavenger level lists.

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* RECOMMENDED: 2.0 is the first stable release, you should update to that *

The ultimate goal of this is to bring the scavenger faction to life with a medium sized mod.  Mod includes the following:

5 Modular Sling Backpacks:

  • The Slinger 0 - No strap
  • The Slinger 1 - strap option 1
  • The Slinger 2 - strap option 2
  • The Slinger 3 - strap option 1 without a flashlight
  • The Slinger 4 - strap option 2 without a flashlight

The all have the following mod attachments:

  • Working flashlight (white,bright,blue,red)
  • Decals (Railroad, Vault-tec, Nuka Girl, Solcum Joe, Rust Devil, Mechanist)
  • Underside attachment (Decal reflection, Bedroll, Deathclaw Hand, Robot Arm, Buttercup Leg)
  • left pocket (Googles, Sword)
  • right pocket (Knife, First Aid)
  • Hanging (Rabbit foot, Chain, Grenade, Teddy)

3 New Outfits:

  • Highwayman Outfit (underarmor, railroad upgradable)
  • Highwayman Cowl (t45 helmet upgrades, material swaps, Spines / Feathers)
  • Highwayman Gloves
  • Looter Outfit (underarmor, railroad upgradable)
  • Looter Cowl (t45 helmet upgrades, material swaps, Spines / Feathers)
  • Looter Gloves
  • Scrounder Outfit (underarmor, railroad upgradable)
  • Scrounger Cowl (t45 helmet upgrades, material swaps, Spines / Feathers)
  • Scrounger Gloves
  • Scav Scarf (material swaps, 3 Goggles)
  • Scav Hood (material swaps)
  • Scav Laser Musket (Different mesh and texture, more cranks available, better papyrus)
  • Persistent Stealth Boy (wearable)
  • Scav Breatplate (chest armor)
  • Scav Dosimeter A (chest armor rads)
  • Scav Dosimeter B (chest armor rads)

1 Power Armor Backpack:

The Sherpa Power Armor Backpack mod, for t45, t51, and t60. Comes in wood and metal frame.

1 Workshop Resource:

  • A subway token vending machine that allows you to trade subway tokens for gear, or caps for subway tokens.

1 New Settlement Location 

  • "Wonderland" Station, a long abandoned subway station based on the real life abandoned park in Boston. 

1 Fully Voiced Vendor:

  • Rusty, a trader can found in Bunker Hill.
  • Sells Scav gear plus power armor mod plus robot mods.
  • Talk to him to get the quest to find Wonderland

How do I find this stuff?
This adds Scav Vending Machines that the gear can be purchased at. One is near the water tower outside the Red Rocket. You could also look for a dead scav, which I added to a couple of places, or travel to Bunker Hill and buy it from a vendor there. You can also craft it from the scav workbench in Wonderland Station.

Light versions / assets:
modular sling backpack
scav gear

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