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A compatibility patch between "Better Locational Damage and Optional Gameplay Overhauls" and "Spitfire (Enhanced Muzzle FX)".

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This is a compatibility patch for these required mods.

Better Locational Damage and Optional Gameplay Overhauls
Spitfire (Enhanced Muzzle FX)

  • Makes the right mod win the conflict battle. Check it out in FO4Edit to see the exact conflict resolutions I made.

Key Notes:

  • I only provide patches for these Spitfire FX options: Base game with lasers, Base game without lasers, All DLC with lasers, and All DLC without lasers.
  • This is for the full version of Spitfire, not lite.
  • I don't provide patches for the Spitfire individual DLCs. I should mention that the Nuka World DLC with/without lasers and Far Harbor DLC without lasers provided by the Spitfire FOMOD are missing the entire base mod in their esps. So any users who chose those options only saw changes made from the meshes/textures as the esp itself was rather useless.
  • A custom projectile by Spitfire had an unresolved error, it was missing an explosion record. Under the assumption that this wasn't intentional I added that record to the patch to fix the error. This applies only in the All DLC without lasers version.
  • Gave Spitfire custom projectiles the same range that Better Locational Damage gives to vanilla projectiles.
  • Added Spitfire custom projectiles to Better Locational Damage form lists for the bleeding script.
  • Make sure you choose the same options in my installer that you chose when you installed Spitfire Enhanced Muzzle FX. If you don't remember then reinstall it. The options need to be exactly the same.
  • This mod is an ESP flagged as an ESL.

Load Order:

Better Locational Damage.esp
- Better Locational Damage DLC esps if applicable -

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