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Enhance heavy raider armor into semi lux one.

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Lately i play as Nuka Raider. I found raider armor kind boring and dull. So i decide to spend time special enhance it into something different. More details, more shiny and custom diffuse+normal+specular. So far i like the result. Match with my Overboss imagination. Maybe some of you need it so i share here.

In my personal opinion, no make sense raider look like beggar. Raiders very rich especially Nuka. Compared to Railroad live like rats in sewer or minutemen, Nuka Overboss very rich. Shiny armor will suit him as powerful man leading 3 powerful factions. He build the Gauntlets and provide Show. Sure need lot caps there. I don't like my Overboss look very poor like minutemen.

I only enhance Heavy Raider armor. If you use Hardened and Butttressed, my textures will appear. For extra, i enhanced that boring shank cloth into something else too. Match with Cage armor. I using it for my overboss because Nuka outfit usually very unique and colorful like The Pack.

This is just textures replacer so mostly compatible with anything. All image compared with Bethesda HD DLC. Here we go...

Heavy Raider :

ShankShit : ( Enhanced detail too )

The rest you can see in my screenshoots. 

If you don't like shank armor with colorful style, go into my textures folder ( RaiderHeavy ) and delete file : 
- RaiderHeavyUnder_d.dds
- RaiderHeavyUnder_n.dds
- RaiderHeavyUnder_s.dds

Enjoy then. Do not use this files without permission.