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Adds 18 new agricultural plots to Sim Settlements. More are planned.

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Adds 14 new external 2x2 agricultural plots to your Sim Settlements game. There are currently two basic types:

7 of these agricultural plots are "open" - they have low walls around them (at L4 some spikes). They consume a little extra water (-1 water), provide extra food (+1 food per level), and provide some "wild food" (+1 wild food per level). (Note that these open plots/gardens are a little smaller than the full plot size - so settlers can walk around them. If I've messed up the crops on them, let me know.)

7 of these agricultural plots are "walled" - they have tall walls around them, starting at L2 and fully-built at L3 (at L4 they also have spikes along the top of the walls, to keep out those who try to get over and steal the crops). These walled plots have four extra features (in addition to the above):

1/ At L2-4 they provide a small defense bonus (all those walls and spikes cause thieves and raiders to be wary)

2/ At L2-4 they have snap-points - you can snap walls and roofs to them (allows building settlement outer walls off the ag plots, or you can build a small complex centered around them)

3/ At L2-4 each plot has 8 different looks, from various brick through concrete through stone through deco blocks - if you don't like the look that is randomly chosen, refresh the plot to get a new look

4/ At L3-4 they have built-in lights (so your settlers can easily see whatever might be raiding the farm)


Adds four new 3x3 plots, as requested by Raybo. :) These plots are un-walled, basically open farm ground with good pathing.

The plots are:

Corn Open Farm - farms corn, razorgrain, and melons for your settlement.
Mutfruit Open Farm - farms mutfruit, razorgrain, and gourds for your settlement.
Tato Open Farm - farms tatos, razorgrain, and carrots for your settlement.

Finally - the most essential plot of all:

Essentials Open Farm - farms tatos, mutfruit, corn and razorgrain for your settlement.

~~~Example of a Complex~~~

This small complex has 5 people and took roughly 1-1.5 hours to put together, built around the two agricultural plots in the center:

Areas to the left and right are built off the walls, using the snap-points. To the right, a residential holding 4 people. To the left, a generator housing and a bar.

The turret supports are snapped to the back area of the walled garden plots. More defense in the form of a Martial plot.

The small two-story holding four internal residential plots.

Part of the complex opposite the agricultural plots - an industrial plot and the home of the man who works there (way too involved in his job).

Last yet not least, the small area housing generators beside the bar - all built from snap-points off the agricultural plot.

~~~To Come~~~

* Internal agricultural plots
* External 3x3 agricultural plots