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I love True Grass, best grass mod ever!
After seeing the Skyrim mods, Grass on Steroids and Grass FPS Boost, I decided to do the same for True Grass!
Basically just multiplying all Density-settings by 10, so iMinGrassSize can be increased.
Slight performance boost can be expected depending on hardware!

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EDIT: I recommend Grass Reworked (True Grass edition) instead of this.
That mod improves performance by removing grass from roads etc, it also looks more immersive imo.

All grass will look pretty much the same, since I didn't chance how much of each there is, there is just 10 times more of each.
With the same density of grass I got a few more frames fps, not much but everything counts imo!

REMEMBER to change iMinGrassSize in True Grass 0.3's ini file

That is slightly more amount of grass compared to the old iMinGrassSize=20 

The screens before/after might look slightly different, because grass is basically randomized on load.