Fallout 4
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Many named NPCs are now essential. This mod is valuable for people who hate to lose those named NPCs by making them all essential or protected. This should be completely vanilla compatible so anyone can download.

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Endorse the mod if you enjoy it and find it valuable. THE FILE IS IN ESL FORMAT SO DOES NOT TAKE UP SPACE IN 255 PLUGIN LIMIT

If you're like me and you get upset or annoyed when NPCs with names die then this mod is perfect for you. I've made the following npcs essential or protected. In the case of Old man stockton I buffed his health up to 99999 because the game takes away his essential status after you do all relevant quests for him. Anyways here's the list of npcs!

This mod makes the following NPCs essential or protected:

Caravan Merchants:

  • Cricket , Spot the Brahmin , and her two guards
  • Doc Weathers, his guards, and Idiot the Brahmin
  • Luca Miller, his guards, and Brahmin Ol' Girl
  • Trashcan Carla and her Brahmin

Wasteland Merchants:

  • Bethany
  • Dreth
  • Eleanor
  • Teddy, Eleanor's dog
  • Gene the dog seller
  • Junkyard Dog
  •  Kat
  • Gus, Kat's sentrybot
  •  Kelly the brahmin seller
  • Leonard Moore
  •  Opal
  • Slim
  • Mac the bartender

Atom Cats Garage:

  • Bluejay
  •  Duke
  • Johnny D
  • Rowdy
  •  Roxy
  • Zeke
  • Peepers the eyebot

Abernathy Farm :

  • Blake Abernathy
  • Connie Abernathy
  • Lucy Abernathy
  •  Clarabell the brahmin
  • Maisie the cat

Bunker Hill:

  • Deb
  • Joe Savoldi
  • Kay
  • Kessler
  • Old Man Stockton
  • Tony Savoldi
  • The four Caravan workers
  • Brahmin in the pen

Diamond City:

  • Sheffield
  • Arturo Rodriguez
  • Myrna and Percy
  • Moe Cronin
  • Soloman
  • Becky Fallon
  • John and Cathy
  • Pastor Clements
  • Wellingham
  • Polly
  • Travis Miles
  • Vadim and Yefim Bobrov
  • Takahashi

  • Dora The Cat

Graygarden :

  • Supervisor Brown
  • Supervisor Greene
  •  Supervisor White

Finch Farm:
  • Abigail Finch
  • Abraham Finch
  • Daniel Finch


  • Barney Rook

Shamrock Taphouse:

  • Drinking Buddy
Sunshine Tidings Co-op

  • Professor Goodfeels

Warwick Homestead:

  • Cedric Hopton
  • Janey Warwick
  • June Warwick
  • Roger Warwick

The Castle:

  • Female Minuteman in "Taking Indepence"
  • Male Minuteman in "Taking Indepence"

Level 4 Merchants:

  •  Anne Hargraves
  • Doc Anderson
  • Holt Combes
  • Ron Staples
  •  Smiling Larry
  •  The Scribe
  • Tina DeLuca
  • Trader Rylee
  • Vault-Tec Rep

The Slog:

  • Arlen Glass
  • Deirdre
  •  Holly
  • Jones
  •  Wiseman
  •  Male "Worker"
  • Female "Worker"
  •  Female "Worker" (in surgical mask)

Superheroes and MISC:

  • Manta Man
  • Teddy the Dog
  • Sonya MKII Eyebot (random encounter)
  • Mel's health boosted in case essential flag comes off
  • Rex Goodman
  • George Cooper