Fallout 4

About this mod

Woman's Paradise for after the... erm... total nuclear anihilation

Permissions and credits
This mod contains a few pairs of shoes for the ladies. Almost all of the shoes come in lots of colors. Every pair of shoes features optional pantyhose/socks options.

Install through your Mod Manager or manually. Run BodySlide afterwards for your body preset.

Important when updating to 1.3:
Version 1.3 made some major changes. Therefore you cannot simply update the mod. You have to remove the mod (before removing, make sure your char and your companions are not wearing any of these heels. Mashups that use assets of this mod are not affected), load the game (confirm that plugins are missing), save the game. Then install the new version of this mod and load your game. This way there are no leftover references from the old version. Not doing this might result in crashes or other unwanted behavior. 

How to Acquire
Craft them at the Chemistry Workbench under "IceStorm's Shoes".
Or use the console or ESP explorer to cheat whatever you want.
You can occasionally buy these shoes and their mods from various traders. Rebecca Fallon should always have a lot of them in stock.
The shoes can be modified at any armor workbench.

The shoes use Slot 33-Body, like any other pair of shoes. They come with custom footstep sounds.

List of Shoes:
  • Ankle Boots
  • Asymmetric Pumps
  • Blade Pumps
  • Boat Shoes
  • Bow Ankle Boots
  • Butterfly Heels
  • Flat Heeled Boots
  • Flat Sandals
  • Flats (with and without Lace)
  • Heavy Sandals
  • Heavy Metal Boots
  • High Heel Boot Sandals
  • High Heel Sandals
  • High Heel Sandals 2
  • High Heel Plattform Sandals with large Ankle Strap
  • High Heels (yeah, didn't found a better name for them ;)
  • Keds
  • Knee-High High Heel Boots
  • Overknee Boots
  • Peep Toe Boots
  • Peep Toe Pumps
  • Plattform Boots
  • Plattform Pumps
  • Pleaser Sandals
  • Pointed Toe Pumps
  • Pumps with Block Heel
  • Sci-Fi Boots
  • Stiletto Pumps
  • Strappy Stilettos
  • T-Strap Sandals
  • Thong Sandals
  • Tod's Pumps
  • Uggs
  • Wedge Gladiator Sandals
  • Wedge Platform Sandals
  • Wedge Pumps
  • Wedge Sandals
  • Wedge Thong Sandals

You can customized all shoes at the armor workbench. All shoes can have optional pantyhose/socks. There are 40 different pantyhose/socks options. There is also a standalone pantyhose. This is intended to be used with shoes from other mods or simply without shoes. All shoes in this mod already have their own specifically adjusted pantyhose.
You can also disable the custom footstep sounds and revert to vanilla instead by changing the FoostepFX modification at the armor workbench.

To complete your look, there are also boot cuffs (or boot toppers). They are separate items. You can change their colors and their fit at the armor workbench. They're designed for the various boots and work together with the pantyhose/socks.

For the blade pumps, there are also boot cuffs to get the..erm.. extra kinky look. They have most of the color choices as the blade pumps and use Slot 57.

(Optional) High Heels Restrictions
If you like to have some restrictions (not sprinting or no running and no sprinting) when wearing these shoes, there is an optional settings for this. Upon install of this mod, you get a holotape "IceStorm's Shoes Settings". You can enable the restrictions there. You should unequip any pair of shoes from this mod before changing this setting. This setting only applies to the player.

About the half precision meshes
By default, the meshes of the body and the shoes are saved with full precision. This is done to keep the fine details of the shoes and also make sure the toes stay smooth and not jagged. This comes at a price: When certain effect shaders are applied to the player/NPC that wears those shoes, the effect could glitch and cause framerate loss for the duration of the shader effect. Blood also doesn't apply correctly with full precision meshes.

For people who prefer better performance and correctly working blood splatter over fine details, I uploaded an optioanl Half precision package. Install this after one of the main file and overwrite on prompt. You will have to re-build bodyslide after installing them.

Don't complain about uggly straps or mashed toes when using half precision meshes. That's the price for better performance and correctly working effect shaders.

  • Sound of high heels is louder than normal footsteps. Sneaking is almost impossible and enemies will hear you much earlier than with flat shoes. You can change the footsteps FX sound at the armor workbench. Every pair of shoes defaults to the custom FX sounds.
  • To keep the high amount of details, full precision is enabled on the shoe's mesh. This means, that you may encounter some graphics glitches when a character wearing the shoes is set on fire (e.g. hit by a molotov).
  • Because of an engine limitation, The fur of the Uggs had to be rendered using Effect Shaders. This causes the fur to glow in the dark. If anyone knows how to fix that and wants to tell me, I would be very thankful.
  • This mod contains all the shoes from my other shoe mods. So you don't need them anymore if you install this one.

Your screenshots are welcome, but please stay SFW, as this mod is not flagged as NSFW.