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Adds the option to directly create Smokeless Powder and Energy Cells in the Weapons Lab, and offers options that decrease their cost.

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Early in the game Horizon's ammo scarcity can be fun and challenging, but I found that once I got well-established it began to feel a bit stifling. Wanting a bit more freedom without completely breaking Horizon's ammo scarcity, I opted to create a mid-way option. 

What It Adds
This mod adds two crafting options to the Weapon Lab's "Materials" Category: The "Energy Cell Batch" and the "Smokeless Powder Can". Each costs the same materials as it does to make them through the factories, but at around 10% the cost (can be increased to 20% or 50% as optional files) and no waiting period. You're still limited by your mining and refinery production, but now you don't have to leverage the entire output of an industrialized nation for 100 Powder or Cells.

Optional Files
There's also files that increase the crafting cost to approximately 20% or 50% of a Horizon factory.

This was created with Horizon 1.8. I can't speak to the backwards compatibility, but so long as the Weapons Lab architecture isn't changed dramatically, this should be compatible with future releases.

There's a pre 1.8 version created by Bhaeron up for grabs as well. Created for Horizon v 1.7.6, it should work for older versions up to around 1.6 as well, as it removes the Architect components as materials and replaces them with Horizon world scrap. If you like it, go drop some kudos on his page.

Disclaimer on Game Balance
This will bypass, to a greater or lesser extent, the game balance designed into Horizon with the innate ammo scarcity. I made it because I like shooting automatic rifles, but if you're doing a strict survival playthrough or really like that "wasteland" feeling this may go against what you're looking for. As always, modding is about tweaking your game to your own liking.

Install using your mod manager of choice, and be sure to load below Horizon.

Happy shooting wanderer. Don't forget to flip that switch to "Rock n Roll".

If you can read this, you aren't illiterate. Also, why are you reading this? Go home Modder, you're drunk.