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Sick of knowing where all the good weapons are? want some spice and randomization?
Weapons have randomized quality levels from default quality to +10, quality effects weapon damage and handling. Get your ass handed to you by a raider with a +10 weapon, or kill them and take it for yourself.

Permissions and credits
Adds randomized quality levels to weapons in 10 steps, weapon quality shows at the end of weapon names, except for legendary weapons since they override naming conventions.
Example: you find a 10mm pistol +6 in the starting vault.
This is a +6 quality weapon.(Obviously)
Quality levels also work for everyone not just the player, a raider with rapid fire +10 pipe pistol could ruin your day early game for example, so you get risk and reward.

Each Quality level increases the following.
Total Weapon Damage +1%
Weapon Damage +1
Crit damage +1%
-0.02 to min/max spread.
-0.02 to min/max recoil.
+10% to base item value.
+1 to shots before kickback(for rapid fire weapons)

Damage is applied in a way to help lower damage weapons more then already powerful weapons.
Gauss rifle +10 will see around ~22 base damage increase, while a laser rifle +10 will see ~13 base damage increase, reason for this was higher damage weapons don't really need more power while many weapons are just useless mid to late game.

Chances of quality weapon drops are.
Normal 50%
+1 8.33%
+2 8.33%
+3 6.67%
+4 6.67%
+5 5%
+6 5%
+7 3.33%
+8 3.33%
+9 1.67%
+10 1.67%

Uses a script to add to the Instance Naming Rules
Since mods shouldn't edit these directly there should be no conflicts on this.
Every base weapon record has been edited(unless I missed one) adding WeaponQuality to templates, any mod that edits base weapons will disable this mod for that weapon. Mods that edit weapon upgrades should have no problems working in conjunction with this mod.

Adding Weapon Quality Randomizer to other mods.
It is easy to add functionality to any other weapon mod, taking only a seconds in the Construction Kit per weapon.
Open mod in construction kit ensuring WeaponQuality.ESP is also loaded.
Open weapon record, open object template, now add ONE and only ONE of the following mod collections to each template in the list.
Name is self explanatory, normal is for ballistic weapons, laser is for energy damage, Plasma is for weapons that do both Physical/Energy.
Image provided to help if your stuck.