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vanilla save files Before major story points

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i made saves for 

1 : New game saves for Nate and Nora before you get out from Vault 111

2 : save at level 15 before entering kellog house for male and female ... useful for using depravity or conquerer 
( i did not enter concord at all in all saves ) 

3: saves at level 20 , 30 , 50 before deciding to choose any factions fro molecular relay for male and female
level 20 : realistic and immersive
level 30 : if you want to go to nuka world before knowing the minutemen (Raider Playthrough)
Level 50 : if you want a well rounded character

>>> I did only the main story quests ... i did not stray in any direction
- you will find multiple Tool chests including (Vanilla) ranged weapons  , Melee weapons , Grenades and Mines , armor , Clothings (under armour) , Ammo
, Consumables , Uniques and legendaries dropped in my gameplay

- you have 50000 caps in your inventory plus biometric scanner and military grade circuit board
- RedRocket workshop had 1000 of each crafting component 
- i didn't pick any magazine or bubble-heads or the special book
- To change the name or respec your initial points use the Specials bat file or console command ( ShowSpecialMenu )
- to change the look ... holster your weapon ... switch to third person view ... close to face .. open console and enter ( Showlooksmenu 14 )
or use the Looks bat File