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This mod provides two standalone Enclave paintjobs for the X-01 Power Armor.

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Kain Prime

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X-01 Enclave Power Armor Paints - Standalone with added Glow Maps

Under no circumstances is this, or any of my other mods, to be posted on any site, by any parties other than myself.

1. Info
This mod provides two standalone Enclave paintjobs for the X-01 Power Armor, based on Icemocolo's "X-01 Battle Damaged Skins" mod - as well as two pristine versions of said paints.

2. Updates
Version 1.01:
- Removed bonuses from the paint.
- Tweaked the Navarro color scheme.
- Made adjustments to the visor and air filters.
- Changed the paint names in the Power Armor Station menu to correspond to vanilla naming schemes.

Version 1.02:
- Added +2 Charisma stat to the Navarro variant, and +2 Strength stat to the Standard variant, applicable when an entire set is painted.
- Added crafting material requirements to the paints, comparable with the cost for crafting Lead Plating for X-01 armor.
- Further tweaked the Navarro color scheme.
- Cleaned the default visor, added black and scratched versions as optional files.
- Adjusted the joint areas of the basic frame to reflect the Fallout 2 look.
- Added a glowing nuclear symbol to the circular area on the back plate.

Version 1.03:
- Made adjustments to the visor's color and added reflections to it.
- Added new specular maps to the paints, without overwriting vanilla ones.

Version 1.04:
- Added pristine versions of the Standard and Navarro paints.
- Moved the Power Armor frame to an optional folder.

3. Installation:
Copy the files into the Fallout 4\Data directory, overwrite the files as necessary.

4. Credits:
Special thanks to:

Icemocolo - For his original X-01 Battle Damaged Skins mod.