Fallout 4
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Tired of seeing the Vault Boy with that thompson thats missing in every fallout since FO2? I'm here to address that. Thompson M1928A1 variant, fully animated with plenty of attachments. Ported from the awesome Day of Infamy by New World Interactive, the studio behind their other more popular title Insurgency.

Permissions and credits
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The Mod

This mod adds the Thompson M1928A1, which is a variant prior to the M1A1 most people know from World War II. Although the model name might not bring anything to your mind you have most probably seen this gun in display on every gangster/50's-70's inspired action movie you can think of (including but not limited to: Public Enemies (2009), Lawless (2012), King Kong (2005) more recently and in the classics like The Untouchables (1987) and The Godfather (1972) and multiple appearances through a bunch of films).

I feel this weapon fits in perfectly into the game, even more than other WWII weapons that have already made its way into the game. The Vault Boy is portrayed officialy by Bethesda with this variant of the thompson, yet they added a dumbed down cartoony strange weapon that just in shape resembles a thompson, that is unacepptable and that is what has motivated me to bring this weapon to the game in a more realistic and faithful way with more fitting and high quality meshes, animations and sounds. I have not included a single fire option in here, semiauto users might be upset, but I think it would break the weapon general meaning, culprit here is Bethesda for not adding a semiauto switch like almost all decent shooters have.

Where to find it

From level 12 and above you can find it on regular triggermen. From level 20 and above you can find it on gunner and raider bosses.

The Assets
Usage Disclaimer

All the external assets used follow the EULA of Day of Infamy (DoI) and New World Interactive (NWI) policies and the redistribution of them are not allowed under any circunstances, changes to the original meshes, animations or textures included in this mod are not allowed to be reuploaded anywhere. Additional changes to my esp or extra added user content be made and uploaded as long as its not modifying the original provided, there is no need to ask for my permission for this.

The meshes here resemble the M1928A1 model but you can build your way down to the M1919 Annihilator or the M1A1 through attachments. Some can say the M1A1 didnt have the bolt on top of the receiver, I have decided not to get the M1A1 receiver into the game due to animation problems, the animation tree to integrate that "slight" change would have mean an overcomplicated tree that I'm not willing to get into, still, as I said, you can find barrels, sights and grips belonging to this weapon and build a fairly good lookalike with just that bolt exception.


The reload and equip animations are ported directly from DoI, the motion and timing is just superb and I've always loved how it plays in-game, now you can experience it too in an open world post-apocalyptic world like Fallout 4. The weapon is fully animated, both 1st and 3rd person. Power armor is animated on the 1st person, however, the 3rd person reload doesnt actually move the weapon at all, there is no point to do a detailed animation there. Every animation is covered. Here I have to point out the help of Wardaddy with the general animation of the weapon.


The sound for weapon handling is also ported from DoI but the firing sounds are custom made from a free sound library and modified to suit each different firing rate you can get.

Textures are ported also from DoI, there are no skins unfortunately and the base textures are those directly from the game with no other adjustment that the needed to make it look good in FO4's engine. I'm no texturer and cant make any skin. Adjustment and fixing needed for the textures was kindly done by Ricoginger.


NWI for their meshes, textures, sounds and some animations, go check their work, its amazing
Ricoginger for final balancing and texturing work
Wardaddy for his animations
THE ENTIRETY OF BRAZIL in behalf of Neto for the images

And to everyone who gave me suggestions on how to get this working

Bonus Uniques

There are two unique variants located in two different police stations.