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A retexture of Maxson's Battlecoat to be worn by the General. Does NOT replace Maxson's coat.

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Ever been jealous of Maxson's battlecoat while doing a Minutemen playthrough? Not anymore! Take this simple retexture of Maxson's battlecoat and you are good to go. (It does NOT replace Maxson's coat)

How do I get it?
Simply go to the next chemistry table, look it up in the "General's Battlecoat" section and craft it from there.

Alternative way:
Type "help "General's Battlecoat" 4 armo" into the game's console. Using the shown ID ("XX000F9A") or ("XX001735") for the non-glove version where XX is the loading order spot of this mod you can add it to your inventory by typing "additem your_item_id" into the console again. That's it!

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