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I made a small unimmersive mod featuring an outfit that's inspired by Harley Quinn - Finished version out now. Come 'n get it!

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Finished version out now - Come 'n get it! (ATTENTION: Look further below on how to manually edit a companion's appearance!)

There are three different clothings to choose from:

1. Blue, red and black.
2. Red and black
3. Black and silver/metal (instead of bling-bling accessories)

(If you downloaded the last version - I suggest you remove the old ASAP and install this instead!)

The short introduction:

Cait's wearing a retextured, unimmersive armor. Find her to see it. Enjoy.

To install:

Unzip the mod to the following location:

Steamapps > Common > Fallout 4 > Data >

Full folder address: ( Steamapps > Common > Fallout 4 > Data >Textures > Clothes > Cait )

PLEASE NOTE: If you haven't already - Remember to go to Fallout4.ini file in Documents/MyGames/Fallout 4   - Open it, and search for the line sResourceDataDirsFinal=Strings\

Then replace that line with:

sResourceDataDirsFinal=Strings\, TEXTURES

Do this and the mod will work!

Proper introduction:

Okay, with that out of the way


want your own Harley Quinn outfit loosely based on Arkham City and Suicide Squad? Well, here's an early attempt with limited modding technology!

Not everything is HD-texture, but there are still signifigant upgrades compared to the original clothing.

Have fun, and remember, prepare for the future!