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Collection of Horizon patches for some weapons. Also modding system inspired by Division and Ghost Recon series.

Permissions and credits
  • Components and requirements from Horizons systems;
  • LL integerated via Horizon scripts;
  • Purchasable at the Market Trading Terminal (from Khaan);
  • Base damage and some other stats tweaked to fit Horizon balance;
  • Ammo Swapping System, Firing Mode, Weapon Condition, augment system added;
  • Experimentation Lab (Crafting and Reverse Engineering);
  • All weapon modifications are rebalanced and have unique stats, no more 5 sights with same stats.

Current Weapon List


  1. Install Horizon 1.8.0.beta7 or higher;
  2. Download and install original weapon mod;
  3. Install patch of your weapon choice and overwrite anything that asks you to; 
  4. Set it to load after Horizon in MO2 or Vortex.

In file section you can find "All in one", choose whatever you wish from installation menu.
Those patches are ESP-Replacers. So they should replace original ESP plugin.

Zawinul - Horizon;
FX0x01, Ha_ru, Navaro, Vadim Spiridonov - AK74M - Assault Rifle;
FX0x01, F34R, Navaro - RU556 - Assault Rifle;
FX0x01, WarDaddy, Navaro, Comrade Bear - Steyr AUG A1;
FX0x01, Ha_ru, Navaro - 9x39 Project;
FX0x01, Ha_ru, Hitman47101, Navaro - Russian Recon Pack - SVU and MP443;
FX0x01, DanMak, Navaro - Heckler und Koch MP7;
TheBigLidowski - Accuracy International L96A1.

Other Horizon Weapons Patches:
Check profiles of sushicid3chrislor2882.

Current supported version of Horizon