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Fairly "vanilla" Vault Dweller Liberator Faction Pack based on Vault 81 for Sim Settlements Conqueror

Permissions and credits

Requires Version 4.2.5 or Greater of Sim Settlements: Conqueror


Faction: Vault Dwellers

Player Faction Support: Yes
NPC Faction Support: No
Soldier Rank Support: Yes
Armoury Support: Only armour and gear, weapons are the same for each soldier level
Unique Civilian: Yes
Unique Special Units: Yes, 1
Unique Decorations: No
Unique Soundscape: No
Unique NPCs: No
Unique Quests: No

Unlocking the Faction: Help the doctors of Vault 81 to cure a child from a mysterious disease.

If you just want to unlock the faction to check it out, use the console command "setstage 22a0a 1000" - but this will most likely create issues with the quest in Vault 81.


After an innocent child of the vault gets saved by selfless action of an outsider, overseer Gwen McNamara of Vault 81 decides that it is time to open up to the wasteland. She entrusts the saviour with liberating the wastes from the horrors with the resources Vault 81 has to offer. Soon, enthusiastic Wastelanders join the Vaultborn to form a new faction in the Commonwealth: The Vault Dwellers.

Future Plans

I don't plan to develop this mod much further, as I used it mainly to learn the basics of Faction Pack creation. I will probably provide support in case any bugs or imbalances arise, but I would prefer if someone would join me or take over from here.