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Adds 2 novel black retextured vaultsuits. Ballistic weave compatible. Does not affect vanilla vaultsuits.
1) "Treated Army Vault Suit" (+1 STR/AGI) from Arturo in Diamond City.
2) " Protective General Army Vault Suit" (+2 CHR since General, +1 STR/AGI, +20 DR) found in toolcase near dead General in Castle.

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2 novel black retextured vaultsuits, ballistic weave compatible, no affect on vanilla vaultsuits, works for female and male. 
1) "Treated Army Vault Suit" (+1 STR/AGI) available anytime from Arturo in Diamond City.  (allow a few days for Arturo's inventory to update if not a new game).
2) " Protective General Army Vault Suit" (+2 CHR since General, +1 STR/AGI since army). General had his personal army vaultsuit in a tool case with him when he was trapped in castle and died.   Unlike the generals uniform, his vaultsuit works with armor.  The suit has 4 "general" stars on collar to distinguish it from the regular army vault suit above, and higher stats with protective lining (+20 DR, +25 ER, +25 RR).  I tried to keep this lore friendly so can only get this one later in game, and the +2 charisma seemed reasonable for the general's version and obviates the need for having to switch to a suit prior to purchasing or speech (then getting killed in combat because forgot to switch back to armor).

v1.1 update: fixed 1 file that affected only female army suit.
V1.2 enhanced normal map with improved sharpness and details
V1.3 just realized I had uploaded almost all original 4K files in version 1.2 instead of interpolated 2k, but after testing 2K/4k there is almost no performance difference anyways.  V1.3 is now all original 4k.  If anyone has any issues, can upload a 2k version.