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12 flags for the workbench
City flags, historic flags, university flags and a baseball flag

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Boston  Flags
I went looking for some historical flag options, couldn't find any that suited me.  Then fell down the modding rabbit hole and ended up making more than I ment to.  So I'm sharing! Because there weren't enough mods adding flags to your workbench right? ...right. yeah.

New in version 2... the specular files...because when I upload things at 4am, I forget stuff.  /facepalm. 
Also fixed a wonky spot on one of the flag textures and re-did the specular maps to be individualized instead of using one generic lazy map for all the flags. 
If you downloaded the first version
...I'm really very sorry. No more plastic flags now.

Optional File:  Replaces the MIT flag with a more lore friendly CIT flag. Woo! Just drop into your data folder and let it overwrite the MIT files.

Adds 12 flags to the Decorations-Wall-Flags category of the workbench
City of Boston
City of Concord
City of Somerville
Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Bunker Hill Flag
Bedford Flag
Join or Die cartoon
Harvard Banner
MIT Banner
NH&M Railroad
Rita's Cafe
Patriotic Baseball Banner

This mod uses material swaps. If it's not working for you, please make sure that you have modding enabled in your .ini file before posting a bug. Instructions Here.

None that I've found, let me know. I used the same vanilla categories and keywords that were already attached to the U.S. flag.

Drop the Materials and Textures folders, and the .esl into your Fallout4 Data Folder. Activate the esl and ta-dah! everything will be in the Decorations-Walls category of the workbench.

Delete the .esl and the VenBostonFlags folders from Materials and Textures
and it will all disappear.