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Yet another minigame you can play on your Pip-Boy.

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A brand new minigame for your Pip-Boy! Tired of
the old RobCo diversions? Why not try this one?

John Braveman, a famous treasure hunter, embarked on an adventure
to the tomb of Disasteros. Little did he know that it wasn't a tomb but
a prison for the demonic entity.

Collect as much treasure as you can without being caught by the monstrous Disasteros.

Gameplay to keep you hooked for the next 10 seconds, guaranteed!
An incoherent mash-up of several art styles!
Dynamic difficulty scaling!

Saves your high score!
High quality 64kbps sound effects!

Holotape can be found on the counter in the Red Rocket truck stop in Concord.
Mod may possibly be incompatible with other mods which alter that area.
Although you could always try to get the holotape with console commands...