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Automatically scan your installed mods for crafting recipes and add them to Crafting Framework's multi-functional workbench.

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This is a xEdit script that automatically scans your installed mods for crafting recipes and adds them to Crafting Framework's multi-functional workbench. You may patch only a few mods or your entire load order. You'll no longer have a cluttered Chemistry Station with lots of different armour, weapon and ammo recipes. You can even let the script include recipes made for other custom benches, e.g. the ones from AWKCR.

This wouldn't have been possible without Ruddy88 allowing me to use parts of his Simple Sorter script and adapt it for my own needs.

Usage Instructions

  1. Install Crafting Framework, MXPF and FO4Edit; see Requirements tab above.
  2. Download the archive on this page and extract its content into your FO4Edit root folder.
  3. Stay in that folder and run CF_WorkbenchPatcher.bat. When all required files are in place you can hit Y and Enter to continue.
  4. In FO4Edit's plugin selection keep your entire load order selected and hit OK.
  5. Wait for the loading process to be finished and a menu will appear. In this menu, you can hover over the options to get a tooltip with additional information.
  6. Start the patching process. If that's the first time you're creating a patch the script will ask you for a plugin name.
  7. Afterwards, you can select the plugins you want to be included in the patch.
  8. Follow the instructions and wait until the message box says Patching Complete.