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Adds new grenades based on settlement farm produce, and a category in the cooking station to make them.

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Take your vegetables into battle, become a farmer the likes of which the Commonwealth has never seen!
No perks needed, only ingredients - farm, gather and kill some fools!

Five grenades and one mine available at the Cooking Station.
Damage scales with Demolition Expert and similar effects. Damage is therefore intentionally low or non-existant on most items, as they have other effects.

Crappy Carrot:
A crappy carrot carrying a cramping aroma, pungent enough for anyone to trip over themselves.

Cruel Corn:
Shrapnel-on-the-cob. Great is the weapon that cuts on its own!

Good Gourd!:
Eat your vegetables, or share with your friends! Essential oil diffuser.

Murd'ry Mutfruit:
Garden variety 'splodey mutfruit.

Manglin' Melon (mine):
This melon is fucked up. Stand too close and you will struggle with life for a bit.

Terrible Tato:
An angry tato that wants to see the world burn.

No DLC required.
Download with manager.

This is a rewrite (from the ground up) and upgrade of my old mod.
Razorgrain meshes aren't great to work with.
The gourd will heal, but not revive, companions. The stimpack revive effect is too complex for this mod.