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Adds Horizon jobs to Sim Settlements 2 industrial plots options.

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Requires Sim Settlement 2


New Homes: 0
New Shops: 0
New Factories:  8 of 24+
New Farms: 0
New VIP Stories: 0

Building Features

Settler Navigation: Yes
Construction Stages: Yes
Randomized Clutter: Work In Progress
Performance Settings: Coming Soon

Horizon Jobs as Industrial Plots

Contains eight(8) new industrial plots using Horizons job stations as a base/idea and fulfilling the within settlements and in the missions menu.

All plots have three tiers, each looking more refined and all will have clutter scattered throughout. Plots will soon include additional benefits over the the standard Horizon job stations.

Currently only outdoor plots, indoor plots are coming soon. For all that is planned and in progress, please see the post in the forums.
For details regarding all plots, including those coming soon, see the Plot Details article.

This is my first mod so please report bugs you discover in the BUGS tab.
If you'd like to give me ideas for another plot design (especially for the indoor plots), and/or clutter suggestions; or if you have suggestions for tier 3 benefits, please use the sticky post under forums. I'd love to hear the community's suggestions.