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This used to be a Patch of Phnx's Glowing Eyes mod to make it compatible with Vulpines, however he delisted his mod so here we are.

Permissions and credits
This mod is no longer functional due to a dependency becoming de-listed. If you have the files for the dependency, please contact me so I can attempt to repair the mod.

*notices your glowing eyes*

owo, what's dis?

I'm not sorry.

  Another compatibility patch for Vulpine Race by BeardofSocrates, this time shiny skullorbs, pretty peepers, I'm talking luminous lookers, bright balls of beauty, those little lookyspheres.

  Glowing eyes by Phnx is needed for this to work, obviously.

  Due to the sheer number of files to modify and my lack of knowledge for scripting and batched actions, I merely made this a replacer for the original files, rather than additional models. What this means for users is having glowing eyes for vulpines means not having glowing eyes for humans. It took five hours of pouring over code and model files to get this far and it would take another three or four to make the twin sets and redundant entries needed to make the eyes work for both humans and vulpines at the same time. I hope it's not beyond reason to say that's four hours of glazed eyes and mental strain I'm not prepared to commit quite yet.

  Anybody else wishing to pick up the torch and continue the work, I hold no objections, but remember to get permission from Phnx first as he holds all rights, I merely patched his work.

Known issues:
> The ice blue eyes aren't patched.
This is because the ice blue eyes specifically point to a different directory than the rest of the mod. I have no clue why this is a thing, and I toyed with taking the extra time to add this directory and redo the edits for that one eye type alone, but I decided against it as they don't even glow, which is kinda the point of this mod.